Terms and Conditions for 1% More in Ibiza


The promoter is Curve 1 Limited (company No. 9523903) with its registered office at 15-19 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH (“Curve” or “Promoter”).


2.1  The title of the promotion is 1% More in Ibiza  (the “Promotion”).

2.2  This Promotion allows any Curve user who is traveling to Ibiza during the month of August, to get 1% cashback on all payments made with their Curve card while in Ibiza. The Promotion does not apply to any ATM or online transactions. 


3.1  The Promotion will run from 00:01 on 1st August CEST, 2019 to 23:59 on 31st August CEST, 2019 (the “Promotional Term”) inclusive.

3.2  To enter the Promotion simply use your Curve card when making payments to a merchant in Ibiza with the postcode beginning with 078* (“Ibiza Merchant”). 

 3.3  The Promoter will not accept:

 (a)  responsibility for Promotion entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit, regardless of cause, including, for example, as a result of any equipment failure, technical malfunction, systems, satellite, network, server, computer hardware or software failure of any kind; or

 (b)  proof of transmission as proof of receipt of entry to the Promotion.

 3.4 By entering the Promotion, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

3.5  Please see https://discover.curve.app/lp/ibiza for a copy of these Promotion terms and conditions.


4.1  In entering the Promotion, you confirm that you are the rightful holder of the Curve card you are using, you are eligible to do so and eligible to receive the cashback. The Promoter may require you to provide proof that you are eligible to enter the Promotion.

4.2  Curve reserves all rights to disqualify you if your conduct is contrary to the spirit or intention of the Promotion.

4.3  We reserve the right to claim back any cashback paid to you in relation to refunded payments. 


5.1  The reward Curve is offering under this Promotion is 1% of the value you spend with any Ibiza Merchant during the Promotional Term (“Reward”). The Promotion does not apply to any ATM or online transactions. 

5.2 The Reward is not negotiable or transferable. 

5.3 You do not need to do anything to claim your Reward. Your cashback will be transferred into your Curve Cash Rewards account within the Curve app by Curve automatically at the end of every week over the month of August. The first Curve Cash cashback rewards will be issued on 5th August 2019 and will appear within your account within 72 hours. The final Curve Cash cashback rewards will be issued on 2nd September 2019 and will appear with your account within 72 hours. 

5.4  The Reward may not be claimed by a third party on your behalf. 


6.1 Insofar as is permitted by law, the Promoter, its agents or distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the Reward except where it is caused by the negligence of the Promoter, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.

6.2 The Promoter does not accept any responsibility if you are not able to take up the Reward due to your account being closed down or if we deem that you can no longer use your Curve card for whatever reason. 


The Promoter will only process your personal information as set out in the Privacy Policy.     


8.1  If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, the Promoter may, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to exclude you from participating in the Promotion .

8.2  The Promoter reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Promotion where it becomes necessary to do so without liability to you or any third party. 

8.3  These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.