Curve Beach Promo

Oxford Brookes SU gave you £10 to spend anywhere with your Curve Card

Download Curve’s app and sign up. When asked for a Promo Code, enter:

We will send your Curve card for free. When you make your first purchase with your Curve card, you’ll instantly get £10!

Better thank a bank.
Your money, your way.

Not a mobile bank. But better

Get instant alerts. Lock your card immediately. Fast online support. One smart app with everything you buy categorised.

Save on your travels

Whether you are travelling or studying abroad, Curve eliminates hidden fees on your bank cards,  so you can save money on your next adventure anywhere in the world.

Time travel

Paid with the wrong card? Just Go Back in Time and switch the card you used.

No top ups needed

Just link all your cards on the Curve app and pay with your one Curve card. Magic!

Get 1% instant cashback from a choice of your favourite retailers

Choose from more than 100 awesome brands and beat the customer record of £196 received in cashback in a month.

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Subject to our Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy. 0FX subject to caps and weekend charges. Cashback with selected retailers.