Get Curve. Go Shopping. Win Big this Black Friday.

Black Friday is absurd. It’s the biggest shopping event of the year— a time where you can quite literally shop ‘til you drop (we don’t recommend this). It’s the time for you to live out your wildest fantasies and finally get that 4K 60” TV complete with Smell-O-Vision and built-in complimentary mint dispenser you’ve always dreamed of owning.

To get into the spirit of absurdity, we’re giving away a whopping £15,000—everything must go! To have a chance of getting a piece of that sweet 15K pie, just make a transaction (only shopping based transactions count) with your Curve card on Black Friday and it could be you who wins anything from £20-£1000 in Curve Cash. (For terms, head to the end)

What is Curve?

Curve is fearless. All Your Cards in One? Yeah that’s us. One smart card. One even smarter app. Financial freedom to uncomplicate your life. Want insane insights into all your spending? 1% cashback when you spend at top retailers? What about a card that’s great for travellers and time travellers alike?! How about robust customer protection and one tap to lock all your cards? Simply one-derful.

One Card

Curve brings All Your Cards into One. Manage all your bank accounts in one place, making it easy to budget when you’re on the move. Yes, that’s right – you only need one card. So leave that bulky wallet behind.

Killer FX rates

Want to eye up the New York skyline without the sky-high fees holding you back? Curve gives you access to ridiculous rates and ATM withdrawals on all your cards when you travel, so you can spend your time and money on incredible experiences instead.

Daily Curve Cash

Want to earn enough money for nothing!? Curve gives you 1% instant Curve Cash when you spend at one of your chosen retailers from a choice of over 100+ top retailers. Spend it straight away or save up and treat yourself to something fun – for free of course!

Time Machine

Accidentally used the wrong card to pay for that immersive dining experience? Luckily for you, Curve is a God. Damn. Time Machine. Curve’s exclusive Go Back in Time feature means you’re in control and can simply swipe and pick a different card to pay within the app.

Instant everything

Cut through the clutter with Curve Insights – it shows all your spending in one place. Real-time alerts help you keep track of your spending and everything you spend gets a colour category on your timeline. Curve helps you understand so much more.

Safe and Secure

Left your wallet at the pub along with your dignity? Lock all your cards, with one single tap. And with Curve Customer Protection, you’re covered for up to £100,000. Unlike your Section 75 – both your credit card AND debit card purchases are covered.

Why can you trust Curve?

  • As a fintech, Curve is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority whose job it is to  ensure financial firms keep you, the customer, at the heart of how they do business, and put your protection first. Which is lucky, as “obsess about the customer” is one of Curve’s core leadership principles. We work hard to earn your trust, and will do everything we can to make your lives that little bit more awesome.
  • We built the Curve app with your security at the forefront of its design. Your information is secured with advanced encryption technology. 
  • Your privacy and personal data security are the highest priority for our data systems. We store your details within segregated networks and in isolated data vaults in accordance with GDPR and Payment Card Industry rules. Read more on this in our privacy policy.
  • Finally, Curve is not a bank. Your bank is probably already doing a great job keeping your money safe. With Curve, you don’t need to switch banks. We simply supercharge all you bank cards and credit cards to give you killer features and incredible benefits.

” Consolidating all of your credit and debit cards onto a single app and single card has proven to be a compelling proposition.” – BBC News

“Time travel is finally here… Sort of.” – Wired magazine

“A lifesaver for those living the multi-card life.” – AltFi

The boring but necessary legal bit: Subject to our Black Friday Promotion Terms, Terms of Service, Curve Card Protection Policy, Privacy Policy and Fair Use Policy.  Details on access to interbank exchange rates available are clearly laid out in the terms along with all applicable fees and charges when you spend abroad.  AXA Travel Insurance is available only in eligible countries only for Curve Black and Curve Metal card – please read their terms hereThere is no arrangement between Curve and any of the banks, card issuers or networks. Any enquiries should therefore be directed to us.