This Is What It’s Like To Do Work Experience At Curve

what's it like to do work experience at curve

I started my time at Curve in the middle of May – I had just arrived home from studying abroad in America, in particular, studying business and commerce. So, when I realised I could work at a company like Curve, I couldn’t believe my luck.

I had never done any sort of work experience before, though some of my friends gave me advice from theirs: don’t talk to people who actually work there, make coffee when you’re asked, keep your head down and remember, the experience itself is its own reward. They were wrong on all accounts, apart from how amazing the experience would be. 

I had heard horror stories about work experience at other companies; waking at the crack of dawn, and leaving the office when it’s already dark. I assumed that, at Curve, a company that is making such a difference in an already incredibly competitive market (Fintech), I would certainly have my work cut out.

But I was also incredibly excited. Walking into the office building, I felt a sense of surrealism- I was working. On the ground floor of the building, there’s a decked-out modern decor, with people laughing and smiling. It was a Monday morning. Already, I was starting to doubt my sources (AKA my friends).  

Curve’s awesome, modern HQ is in central London

I met my editor, and he very quickly explained that I would be mostly writing articles for the Discover Curve digital magazine for the marketing team. I felt so accomplished being a part of something greater than myself, being part of a team. Normally, I’m not a shy person, but I certainly felt fairly shy. But I soon realised I had no need to be at all. I was taken around the office, meeting lots of different people from different walks of life. It became clear that, although I was only to be here temporarily, I was part of the team. 

You may have noticed Curve’s tone of voice from the articles that you have read. I can say this with full confidence- it’s not Curve’s tone of voice, it’s their ethos, and this spills out into all of their endeavours and interactions, with their customers, and especially with one another.

It may have just been the many windows in the office, but Curve seemed much brighter to me. The levels of respect between colleague were remarkable. Everyone looked for input and feedback from one another, and this shows in their results. As I said, it felt more like a team than a company. Everyone has different jobs, but they are all working towards the same goal; making a difference. 

Work didn’t feel like work. For many people working in 9 to 5 jobs, people desperately await 5pm, but, as time went on, I began to hate leaving.

Team Curve has grown to more than 100 Curvers

The drinks always come out at the office at the start of the weekend, and I enjoyed socialising with my coworkers so much, I very quickly found myself cancelling my Friday evening plans!

I was given the freedom to write articles for all the sections of Discover Curve: careers, finance, lifestyle, features, and travel. This required me to do lots of research to make sure my articles were accurate. But, much like other hacks to subconsciously gain information, I didn’t realise just how much I was learning. It was only when I would absent-mindedly drop information into conversation with my friends or family, when I realised how much knowledge I was soaking up. 

Although I was only at Curve for 4 weeks, I felt that I witnessed so many milestone events – Curve hired more than 10 people in a single day when Loot sadly went into administration, but I was there to meet all the new recruits.

I was also here for the launch of Curve Cash, Curve’s brilliant new feature. This is truly a testament to the speed at which Curve operates and I feel honoured to have been a part of it. I also was able to write some articles based on material I was studying at school – economics, accounting, business and finance.

It was brilliant to combine such technical concepts with Curve’s tone of voice. It really showed me that success does not have to require formality in business, but, rather it builds a strong rapport with a client base, and that is one thing Curve really does well. I was even able to take some photos for the social media team, though I’m still waiting on my tag 😉. I also was able to grab a Curve t-shirt, and I felt proud wearing their brand around the office. 

All-in-all, I am incredibly lucky to have been a part of such an impressive company and work side by side with some amazing people. I do feel sorry for my friends on their work experience, because I truly had the best time I could have. I would hugely recommend Curve for both a job or for work experience. It really is a special place, I would love to come back and help, even if it just making coffee this time (which is also great). 

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