5 Ways To Save Money When You Buy Petrol From Shell

How To Save At Shell

Cars are expensive to run. But you already know that! There seems to be endless surprise costs for making sure they run smoothly on the road. One very important cost is petrol and you definitely can’t skip on that. Luckily, there are a few ways to save on that hefty fuel expense. Don’t worry, it doesn’t include driving less. Just check out these 5 ways to save money when you buy petrol from Shell. You’ll be enjoying a cross-country road trip in no time.

  1. Buy a Hybrid Car- If you’re already on the market for a new car, this is great tip for future savings. Hybrid cars use both petrol and electricity to run. Research shows that you can save thousands of pounds worth of petrol every year just by driving a hybrid! In a city like London, hybrid cars mainly only use electricity, as cars don’t get much chance to travel very quickly, so you’ll only really use petrol when you get on the motorway. If you want to completely cut out petrol costs, you could always get a fully electric car. A bonus is this is a much better choice for the environment, too. 
  2. Choose Shell – Whether it’s petrol or diesel, Shell have some of the best prices in the market. Only a few of its competitors can offer a similar rate. So don’t over pay, with over 100 Shells in London alone, help yourself get the best price for your fuel and shop Shell.
  3. Sign Up for Shell Go+- This is Shell’s very own loyalty programme. First, download the app, and watch the magic unfold. You’ll get the chance to earn points for every time you visit Shell stores. These add up over time and soon you’ll earn yourself some pretty worthwhile rewards. Have a go, you’ve nothing to lose!
  4. 2 For 1 Waitrose Pizza – Stopping off for petrol doesn’t have to be just that. The Shell x Waitrose stores, are offering an amazing deal where you can get two for one of your favourite Waitrose pizzas. So why not use this opportunity to complete a house shop and save on the other deals that the store has to offer?
  5. Curve Cash– We’re delighted to say that Curve can now offer you 1% instant Curve Cash on all your purchase at Shell stores. So you can cruise down the motorway with a big grin on your face, knowing you’re saving money as you go. This offer is available to Curve Blue cardholders for an introductory 90 days, but for an unlimited time for Curve Black and Curve Metal cardholders. Sign up and save instantly.

Curve Cash is at selected retailers, depending on card tier.