5 Easy Ways You Can Save Money At Spotify

Want to turn your music subscription into savings? Spotify is where sound meets social as you can add your friends, see what they’re listening to, share and create collaborative playlists. Spotify’s ‘Personalised playlists’ and ‘Weekly Discover’ features ensure that you get to enjoy the music you love and more – and now for less! Here are 5 simple ways in which you can save money at Spotify.

  1. Try Spotify Premium free for 30 days–  With your free trial, you can experience Spotify Premium features such as ad-free listening, unlimited skips, high quality downloads and streaming on the go. Enjoy these perks completely free of charge. However, once the 30 days are up, your subscription will be switched to a standard Spotify Premium account and charged £9.99 a month. But don’t fear, there are still plenty more ways to save!
  2. Get a Free Spotify Account- As well as Spotify Premium, Spotify also provides a free service that can be used on all devices. Despite not having the key Spotify Premium features such as no ads, Spotify still offers unique access  for its free users. You are still able to access your personalised playlists, view your top songs from the previous year and listen to exclusive playlists created by popular artists – all for free.
  3. Student Discount- 50% off Premium for students! If you are above the age of 18 and an enrolled student, you can enjoy Spotify Premium half off for up to 4 years. Meaning you could save up to £239.76! Spotify also offers multiple playlists specifically created for concentration and study as well as thousands of educational podcasts. 
  4. Spotify Family- Spotify offers a family plan for up to 6 individual Spotify accounts for only £14.99 a month! It is required that all account holders must live at the same address so it is a perfect option for families and maybe even ideal for housemates. With 6 individual accounts, you could save up to £44.95 a month.
  5. Use your Curve Card!- When you use Curve, you can select Spotify as one of your Curve Cash retailers, which gives you 1% instant cashback with every purchase you make at Spotify! You get Curve Cash as a 90 day introductory offer for Curve Blue cardholders but for an unlimited time if you get Curve Metal or Curve Black. Save as you spend on the things that you love when you choose Curve.