6 Great Ways To Save Money on Booking.com

best ways to save money at booking.com

So, you want to go for a holiday. You’ve already made your first good decision of the trip-choosing Booking.com. When you get on their website, you’re blessed with thousands of different hotels or lodgings to choose from. The agony of choice. Here are 6 ways we can help you ensure you get the best bang for your buck when you choose to spend on Booking.com

  1. Pay attention to the ratings- Hotels will always try to catfish you (show you a better deal than the one you will receive). This ranges from using different camera lenses, to even photoshop! Pay close attention to the reviews left by other customers. This will give you a good indication as to whether this is the best place to spend your hard-earned cash. 
  2. Check for additional costs- On every hotel/ lodging’s site, they show you which costs are included and those which are not. Some examples of costs which aren’t included are cleaning fees, and gas. Be sure to pay close attention to these, as they can really change the amount you spend on your trip. 
  3. Complain-If you find something very bothering or uncomfortable, be sure to report this to Booking.com. They, if the think it’s worthwhile, will likely give you compensation of some sort, either money or credits to spend on your next trip. 
  4. Book last minute- Although it seems counter-intuitive (the early bird gets the worm, right?), actually with Booking.com, the second mouse gets the cheese. If you book last minute, you could find yourself with a 20% discount off of your trip. Handy to know!
  5. Become a genius- Not an actual genius, though that would be good idea, too. A genius, in this context, is essentially the loyalty program that Booking.com offers. And you don’t even need to be a genius to achieve this status! If you use Booking.com 5 times within 2 years, they will upgrade your status to genius. Some of the perks that are included are: 10% off all bookings, free airport shuttles, a special phone number directly to Booking.com, 2 hours earlier check in and 2 hours later checkout.
  6. Use your Curve card- One thing you should definitely consider doing is choosing Booking.com as one of your selected retailers and taking full advantage of the 1% instant Curve Cash you earn on every purchase you make.* You get Curve Cash as a 90-day introductory offer with Curve Blue, or for an unlimited period if you choose Curve Black o Curve Metal. The world’s your oyster, but at the price of a clam when you choose Curve.

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