6 Of The Best Ways To Save When You Shop At Amazon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or, perhaps more fittingly for this piece, in the Amazon jungle, you’ve heard of Amazon. This internet titan offers competitive pricing for literally everything you could hope to find on your shopping trips. Whatever you can find on Amazon, they can get it to you within a couple of days, and even faster if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Already, Amazon as a company seems too good to be true. And that’s before you save. Here’s a list of 6 different ways you can start saving at Amazon, and start grabbing life by the budget. 

  1. Subscribe and Save- By signing up to this hidden gem of a program, you can find yourself saving up to 15% off all routine purchases, such as laundry supplies or toiletries. They throw in free shipping, so you can throw in your towel (metaphorically and we suppose literally). 
  2. Amazon Family- This feature allows you to save money on infant supplies, like baby powder, or even toys for your little ones. Definitely take advantage of this. 
  3. Deal Tracker Sites- Amazon, although it offers competitive pricing on most goods, cannot completely ignore the market. In other words, its prices fluctuate from time to time. But, sites such as camelcamelcamel.com compare prices for millions of different goods that Amazon offers, and even let you know the right time to buy said good. 
  4. No Rush Shipping- One of Amazon’s best features is its speed. 2 day delivery (almost as quick as our local pizzeria 🙄) is definitely good enough for us. But, say you choose to forgo this, and choose the no rush shipping option. Amazon will actually pay you in credits to use for purchases at a later time. So, maybe use this for goods that you don’t need immediately. So, Amazon is clearly an ethical company. They teach that good things come to those who wait. 
  5. Amazon Household- This feature is a subset of Amazon Prime. Think Netflix. If one of your family members  (or very close friends) has paid extra for Amazon Prime, they can add up to 6 members under Amazon Household, meaning you and the rest of your family can enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime. 
  6. Curve Card- So, all of the ways above are amazing. But can you imagine if you could roll all of these methods of saving into one epic saving method? Well, we make your dreams come true. With Curve, if you select Amazon as one of your Curve Cash retailers, you can enjoy 1% instant cashback on all purchases you make there. With Curve Blue, you get Curve Cash as a 90-day introductory offer, or if you choose Curve Black or Curve Metal, you get it for an unlimited period*. Have it all, for less, when you shop with Curve. 

Find out more about how you can save at Amazon with Curve.