Helping You Choose The Best Credit Cards

Picking out a credit card doesn’t have to be a hassle. There’s a lot of choice out there, which essentially means loads of opportunities. We’re here to simplify your finances and pave the way to a life of financial freedom, so sit back while we run you through some of the most popular credit cards out there.

3 Popular Credit Cards

  • Santander Everyday credit card: Want to take back control of your finances? This could be the card for you. The Santander Everyday credit card has the star quality of 0% balance transfer offer as an introductory perk. This means you can transfer money from this account to another existing account to decrease your debt whilst paying no balance transfer fee for the first 18 months. By doing so, this puts you in the driving seat and allows you to regain control of your finances and save on interest. Another saving grace aspect of this card is that it includes an introductory offer of 0% APR on purchases for the first three months, providing you with financial flexibility.
  • M&S Reward Plus credit card: If rewards are what you’re after, this could be the card for you. The M&S Reward Plus credit card offers double reward points, and with this card, you will earn 1 point for every £1 you spend at M&S. There is also another point up for grabs for every £5 spent elsewhere. If this isn’t enough, M&S have provided their Premium Club customers with another 2 points per £1 spent at M&S. On top of these amazing rewards, they also offer a 6 month interest free period on new purchases, and a 6 month interest-free period on balance transfers made in the first 90 days, again, enabling you to take control of your finances and be flexible. Could it get any better? Seems unlikely, but it does. M&S also provide a welcome bonus offer. When cardholders sign up, alongside their credit card, they also receive a bonus voucher for 500 M&S points, which equates to £5 for you to spend at M&S. This card is great for those who regularly shop at M&S as you can really rake in on those rewards, yet still good for those who don’t as you can rake in the points elsewhere too.
  • Tesco Bank Foundation credit card: Repair your finances and revamp your future with Tesco Bank Foundation Credit Card. There are many rebuilder cards, such as Aqua Classic, Barclay Forward, and many more. However, the spotlight is shining brightly on this card as it provides Noddle Premium services for free for three years. Noddle allows you to view your credit reports, credit scores and financial history, it also provides information on how to improve your credit score, providing you with valuable life skills. Tesco Bank really cares about your learning, and so with the demonstration of good money practices, you could be rewarded with regular optional credit limit increases. Your hard work will not go unrecognised. You can also collect Clubcard points. For every £4 you spend at Tesco, you will receive 1 Clubcard point, and for every £8 you spend outside of Tesco, you will receive 1 Clubcard point.

Reap The Benefits

Now, these benefits on their own are great, but with Curve on top, the benefits are stupendous. By adding all of your cards to the Curve app, not only do only do you get the elite, ‘All your cards in one’ experience, you gain access to even more rewards.

You may get the existing perks of each credit card and on top of this, you’ll be rewarded additional Curve benefits and features. These include, but are not limited to 1% instant cashback from a list of top retailers.* It pays to spend. Paid with the wrong card? Just use our ‘Go Back in Time’ feature and switch the card you used to pay.* Gain access to Extra Security with our advanced encryption technology, instant notifications and the best purchase coverage, and much, much more. And don’t forget, Curve is free to join and you don’t need to open a new bank account. Just add your cards and enjoy the experience.

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