This Lucky Curve Competition Winner Explores The Big Apple🍎

The lucky winner

Earlier this year, we teamed up with MOB kitchen and sent a lucky lady and a friend of her choice to The Big Apple🇺🇸. A huge congratulations to Morgan Butler! Migrating from Illonois to the UK at the age of 14 – the knack for travelling is in her blood. She was the perfect person to undergo this incredible Curve experience and boy oh boy have we got an exciting account of her experience in store for you!

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How It All Started 

Morgan explained to us that one of the many joys of being a student is being on the lookout for cheap (but cheerful!) meals. Lucky for her, she met her match (and her destiny😉) with MOB Kitchen. These guys create realistic, cheap but most importantly, delicious recipes for students, and she was following their Facebook Page. Little did she know she was in for much more than a flavoursome dinner. As it was on their page that she discovered and became invested in our competition where you could win a trip to New York. She entered a few times everyday. If this doesn’t prove that determination is key, we don’t know what will! 🤷

The Big Announcement 

The day of the announcement was also St.Patrick’s day. So naturally, spirits were raging (both energy and alcohol😉). Morgan was particularly excited – her St. Patrick’s Day began at 7am😅. Half way through she was exhausted, as you can imagine, and decided to take a nap, only to be woken up by a very animated boyfriend telling her to check her phone. There were loads of notifications regarding the competition. He put 2 and 2 together and figured that Morgan’s phone blowing up could only mean good news. Excited (and half asleep) Morgan checked and her boyfriend was in fact right!🎊 This news called for even more celebrations. Her friends were at her flat at the time, soldiering on with the St.Patrick day celebrations. She broke the news to them and spirits soared even higher💃🍺, it was a very celebratory day to say the least.

The Big Trip

The countdown came and went, Morgan grabbed a friend and they jetted off to New York City✈️. The word ‘eventful’ doesn’t do this experience the justice it deserves. We’re talking 4th of July weekend, The Hamptons, beach clubs, exhibitions, and more. 

Upon arriving in New York, Morgan made it a mission of hers to gather her Godfather and family in The Hamptons. There, they made up for lost time and had a lovely family dinner. On top of this heartfelt reunion, it was also the 4th of July weekend! She and her friend attended the 4th of July parade in Southampton, New York. This was a dream of hers as she’d missed out on many 4th of July festivities after migrating to the UK. The contagious mix of nostalgia, excitement and festivity kept her spirits high and made for a terrific weekend.

the lucky winner

Being a big foodie, also on their agenda was to try out the tastiest restaurants they could find. Their most notable dining experience was the Michelin star restaurant La Bernadin where she tried out their 7 course tasting menu. They dived into Lobster, Salmon and many other flavoursome sea-food dishes. The food stole Morgan’s heart, but the pleasantries she received from the staff truly elevated her dining experience. Coming in as a close second was a cool deli place they found where they took on pastrami, pork and mustard, and hot sauce, can’t forget the hot sauce! It’s safe to say, the food in the UK has nothing on the food in NYC. That being said, Morgan and her friend did have to embark on a 20 minute walk for carrots😅.

 They also managed to catch a glimpse of the Met Gala as they still had their camp exhibition on. Morgan’s really into the history of fashion and beauty so this really was a treat. She even managed to pick up some funky flamingo earrings whilst there.

As well as a bucket load of fun, they also went on a very educational and emotionally charged tour of the 9/11 museum. They were taken through the events on the day chronologically, which was largely based on the victims’ perspectives, which was an emotional rollercoaster as you can imagine. There were reenactments of last phone calls, an abundance of information on Al Qaeda, photo’s of personal belongings that’d been left behind and loads more. Morgan described the exhibition as very respectful, beautiful and insightful. You really understand how much it hit the world, as well as America of course. She believes everyone experience it at least once in their lives. 

the lucky winner

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Morgan and her friend really made this trip into an adventure of a life-time. They visited many more sites and took their Curve card along for the ride. Life is all about experience, and to have a hand in creating such an incredible one for Morgan and her friend though this competition is what Curve is all about.

Curve makes travelling super simple, ask Morgan😉. With Killer FX rates and access to all your cards via the app, you can spend like a local whilst you’re abroad. Handy right? And if you’re a Curve Black or Curve Metal cardholder, we’ve got you covered by AXA Travel and Gadget insurance too! If it’s an adventure you’re after, grab your Curve card like Morgan. You’ll be in for an epic time! 

Share your Curve experiences with us on our Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you. Be on the lookout for the next competition, you could be the lucky winner next time!

FX and ATM withdrawal limits are subject to our fair use policy and the Curve card tier. Weekend rates apply for any foreign currency or ATM transactions between Fridays 23:59 and Sunday 23:59 GMT. AXA Travel Insurance is available in eligible countries only for Curve Black and Curve Metal card.