Why You Should Take A Leap And Travel More

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Don’t we just want to get away from it all? The great thing about travel nowadays is that, generally you know what you’re in for. For example, head to the Med if you want great weather. If you want great food and a cultural experience, head to China. But, many people see travel, especially abroad, as a large step. Here we unpack why you should not only take that step, but take a leap, and make travelling abroad a larger part of your life. 

Travel broadens the mind, at least according to Mark Twain. We couldn’t agree more. Although your job really should not be at the forefront of your mind when you’re at the beach, it truly can boost your productivity once you return to work. You may learn a thing or two about meditation during your travels in India, or you may return from the South of France energised with new levels of vitamin D. Although you may take yourself to a foreign country, you can also bring back new insights and experiences to help you through your daily life when you come back.

Travelling has never been cheaper or more convenient. You have the ability to travel pretty much anywhere at a moment’s notice for very reasonable prices. You know we live in an amazing world when, if you live in London, it’s just as easy to travel to Paris as it is to travel to Manchester. So, what’s stopping you?

As we make stride after stride about mental health, especially in the workplace, travel is becoming more and more important. It’s no secret that a repetitive 9 to 5 job can place great strain on the mind and add unnecessary stress to your life. Travel is essential to make sure that your body, and your mind, relax and unwind so that you can return to work in the best frame of mind.

When you’re in full swing of your day-to-day job, it can be difficult to exercise. However, when you are in an unfamiliar or foreign environment, much like you would be if you travelled, your daily amount of exercise skyrockets, as you subconsciously want to immerse yourself in this new experience. So, travel makes sure you get enough exercise to keep healthy.

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