Supermarket Credit Cards Guide: Helping You Pick the Best

supermarket credit cards and Curve card

Shopping can be exciting, especially getting that big weekly shop done. And let’s face it: food is always fun. But do you ever feel like you’re spending too much money on food? Is it dampening your shopping experience? Not any more.

When you splash the cash, your favourite supermarket gives back as many are now offering reward credit cards. From Tesco to Waitrose, you can now look forward to delicious dinners and a healthy bank balance.

Take a look at 3 supermarket credit cards on offer:


Waitrose/ John Lewis

Sainsbury’s Dual Offer Credit Card Tesco’s Purchases Credit Card



18.9% (variable)

20.9% 19.9%





3%      Not available.



18.9% (variable)

20.9% 19.9%



0% on balance transfers from account opening.

0% interest on purchases from account opening.

0% interest on purchases for up to 28 months.

0% interest on balance transfers for up to 28 months.

0% interest on purchases for up to 26 months.

Points /


Earn 1 point for every £1 you spend at Waitrose/ John Lewis, earn

1 point for every £2 you spend elsewhere.

Earn double points when you buy insurance from John Lewis.

Also earn £5 in a gift voucher every time you stack up 500 points.

Earn 750 nectar points every time you spend £35 or more.

For every £1 spent on Sainsbury’s shopping or fuel, you’ll receive 2 points.

For every £5 you spend elsewhere, you’ll receive 1 nectar point.  

For every £4 spent in Tesco’s, you’ll receive 1 clubcard point.

For every £8 spent elsewhere, you’ll receive 1 clubcard point.

Key Terms:

  • APR – Annual percentage rate. It’s the yearly cost of borrowing money using credit cards or loans.
  • Money Transfer – This means moving money from your credit card into your bank account. This could be to pay off an overdraft or other debts.
  • Balance Transfer –  Moving an existing debt from one credit card provider to another.
  • Interest – Interest is the fee charged for borrowing money by use of the credit card.

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