7 Ways To Save Money When You Use Uber

It’s easy to end up spending way too much money on Uber. Who can blame you? Their cars are incredibly handy if you can’t face public transport. They’re also great if don’t fancy driving after a long day at the office or a night out. And they’re available at just the tap of a button. It also feels like they’re expanding to almost anywhere on earth (yeah, there are now Uber boats!) Here, we give you 7 ways you can start saving immediately with Uber, and become Uber-good at budgeting. Apologies – had to be done!

  1. Promo Codes- When you first join Uber, they give you a promo code which gets you £20 free to spend on rides. Sadly, as you’ll come to realise, that won’t last you long. But, if you want another £20 to spend, just create another account. Although, we wouldn’t recommend doing this too much (they’re pretty smart), and you may get in trouble. 
  2. What’s The Fare- This app predicts your fare by looking at factors like rush hour, popular events or even the weather. Definitely consult this app, so you know when it’s the best time to order an Uber, or just to plan your journey so you don’t have to pay their extra charges. 
  3. Complain- If you have a really bad experience, don’t hesitate to report it to Uber’s customer support. If they think your complaint is justified, you may get a refund, or some credits to spend on other rides in future. 
  4. Split Fare- We all have that one friend who likes to freeload, whether it’s for dinner, drinks or, most suitably, taxi fares. Well, you can stop this by using the split fare feature on Uber. If you’re sharing a ride with a friend, this feature allows you to split the fare between the two of you. “I don’t have any cash on me” is no longer an excuse!
  5. Move- Although most people believe that Uber surge prices are based on specific times, they’re actually based on demand. Bad weather and special events in the area can play a role. So, if it’s safe, when you get the dreaded surge pricing, it may be worth walking down the road a little bit, and see if it disappears. You may be lucky, and find that you lose both the surge pricing, and some calories. 
  6. Refer- Every time you refer a friend to Uber, you are given £15 to use on future rides. So, definitely try and be as friendly as you can (you may get £15 out of it). 
  7. Curve Card- It’s one thing getting half price on a ride after you split fare, but it’s an entirely different story when you can enjoy a 1% instant Curve Cash with all purchases made on Uber when you use your Curve card. If you select Curve Blue, you get Curve Cash as a 90-day introductory offer, but if you upgrade to Curve Black or Curve Metal, you get it for an unlimited period*. Travel in style, at no extra cost, when you choose Curve.