6 Great Ways To Save Money At Tesco

Tesco is already pretty awesome at helping you save. Most of its products are competitively priced, so just by shopping at Tesco, you can save money. But what’s even better than saving? Saving more! Here are 6 ways you can save even more at Tesco:

  1. BYOB- This doesn’t mean bring your own booze, as entertaining as that may be. It means bring your own bag. There’s a reason why the 35p bags are called “bags for life”. And if each time you buy a bag, you spend a little money, that builds up to quite a large amount. So, avoid this by just bringing your own bag to the checkout counter.
  2. Get a Tesco Clubcard- Tesco’s Clubcard feature genuinely offers one of the best rewards schemes on the market. For every £1 you spend in the shop, that equates to 1p that you can use at Tesco in the future. Of course, if you only shopped at Tesco, that  would mean you’d easily save 1% off all your shopping every year! That’s not too shabby. 
  3. Buy the £3 meal deal- Tesco offers you a great deal for lunch: A sandwich or wrap, a snack and a drink all comes to £3. Without this, this sum would often amount to around £4. So, that means you’re saving a whole pound every time you take advantage of this bargain. This is a great idea for when you’re on your lunch break at work. And, thanks to the variety of food and drink that Tesco offers, you’ll never be stuck with buying the same food every day. 
  4. Get a Tesco Bank Card- Yes, that’s right! Tesco now offers a fully functional bank card. In store, it offers the exact same deal as the Clubcard. £1 spent in the store leads to 1p equivalent in Tesco Clubcard points. And you also can get 1p in Clubcard points for every £4 you spend outside of Tesco stores at other retailers. 
  5. Avoid Tesco Finest- Tesco’s flagship brand, Tesco’s Finest, charges you a little extra for improved quality. But for things like burger patties, can you really taste the difference? It’s definitely worth considering whether or not the product you’re buying is worth the extra buck.
  6. Use your Curve Card- Curve is delighted to say that when you shop at Tesco, you can enjoy 1% instant Curve Cash cashback on all purchases you make there. With Curve Blue, you get Curve Cash as a 90-day introductory offer, or if you choose Curve Metal or Curve Black, you get it for an unlimited period*. Have it all, for less, when you shop with Curve. 

With Curve, you can choose either 3 or 6 retailers depending on which Curve card you have. Choose wisely…

Curve Blue Curve Black Curve Metal
1% instant Curve Cash for 90 days** 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time
3 retailers 3 retailers 6 retailers

**New Curve Blue customers only

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Curve Cash is funded by Curve. Curve has no commercial relationship with Tesco and this post is not sponsored by Tesco.