Here Are 7 Ways To Save Money At Starbucks

You’re either a Starbucks person, or you’re not. If you do love the mean, green coffee machine, then it’s a huge part of your life, and your day isn’t the same without it. But, at £3 a cup, it’s not exactly pocket change, so any chance to save money at Starbucks must be totally welcome, right? Well, here we offer you 7 ways you can save at your favourite coffee shop. 

  1. Starbucks Rewards- Definitely the most obvious way to save on this list, Starbucks Rewards allow you to collect points over time so you can get free food and drinks the more you spend there. Also, with the Starbucks app on your mobile, it’s very easy to keep track of how many points you have. If it’s your birthday, too, Starbucks will allow you to get a treat completely free of charge, as a way of saying thank you for your loyalty as a customer. 
  2. Bring a reusable cup- At every Starbucks store, you can buy slick, reusable cups. Apart from just having a cool cup, and protecting the environment, you can actually save money, too. Every time you buy a drink with your reusable cup, you can save almost 10p. Whilst this doesn’t sound like much, think about how much you will save if you grab a cup of Joe every day on the way to work. 
  3. Get free brewed tea/ coffee refills– Seems too good to be true, right? Wrong. If you hold onto your receipt after you buy a cup of brewed tea or coffee, you can get free refills whilst you are there. This is pretty golden if you are there for a high-intensity study session. 
  4. Make your own iced latte- If you’re a stickler for DIY, especially with coffee,  then this one’s for you. Simply order a triple espresso on ice, and (maybe sneakily) make your way over to the condiment counter, and use the complimentary milk that’s on offer there. This way, you can put the “U” in Starbucks, and feel pretty happy with yourself for the rest of the day. 
  5. Order coffee in a French press– Again, this is amazing for studying, especially in a group. Much like buying a pitcher of beer among friends, the actual cost of a cup of coffee, when you buy in bulk, is slashed in half (roughly). Also, if you’re a quicker drinker than your friends, you might even get a better deal than that! 
  6. Ask for an iced water- As bottled water goes, Starbucks isn’t bad. But, water is for everyone, right? So why would you pay? Simply ask the barista (the person who works behind the counter, not a lawyer) for an iced cup of water, and you’ll quench your thirst, not only for a drink, but for saving, too. 
  7. Use your Curve Card- If Starbucks is your life (and it is for many of us!) you’re probably a big spender at Starbucks. If you pick Starbucks as one of your favourite retailers, you get 1% instant Curve Cash for every purchase you make there*. Over time, this could amount to a really big sum of money, which you can spend at Starbucks, or anywhere else for that matter.

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Curve Cash is funded by Curve. Curve has no commercial relationship with Starbucks and this post is not sponsored by Starbucks.