5 Great Ways To Save At Pizza Express

Calling all pizza lovers! This post is for you. Pizza Express is well known and loved for its thin yet chewy dough. Whether you’re going for date night or a quick catch up with friends, Curve’s got you covered with 5 great ways to save money at Pizza Express. 

  1. Sign up for the newsletter- When you sign up to MyPizzaExpress, you unlock a new level of amazing deals and all kinds of exclusive offers. Just one example is that two weeks either side of your birthday, you can get a free bottle of Prosecco when you order two or more mains. Of course, you need to show some form of ID, so a driver’s license should do the trick. But this is one of the many ways Pizza Express intend to take care of you. So sign up and get discounts and free bottles of Prosecco.
  2. O2 Priority Moments App- Another really cool way to save is with the 02 app. If you have a contract with O2, then you are eligible to join the O2 Priority Moments App. This app gives 02 customers receive additional benefits, that other people . This can include receiving a £5 main course once a week, or maybe even a free meal once a month. Either way you can literally save for just using a phone provider Not too shabby!
  3. Get a Totum Card/ Unidays Account-  The best part of being a student if all the massive savings you can make. Sign up to Totum or Unidays account and watch a world of savings unfold right before your eyes.  With either of these two accounts, enjoy 30% off Pizza Express Sunday through Thursday, this includes eating in and takeaways. So treat yourself for studying so hard and enjoy a pizza with a friend, you’re saving loads. 
  4. Try Something New – Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Pizza Express like many restaurants offer up to 20% off within the opening week of a new dish. Use this to your advantage and try the new pollo pasta instead of the seafood salad. Get more bang for your buck and make incredible savings.
  5. Use your Curve Card- If you love Pizza Express, you’ll love this news! If you choose Pizza Express as one of your favourite retailers, you can get 1% instant Curve Cash for every purchase you make there. Save this up so you can spoil yourself and buy something awesome. You’ve earned it!

With Curve, you can choose either 3 or 6 retailers depending on which Curve card you have. Choose wisely!

Curve Blue Curve Black Curve Metal
1% instant Curve Cash for 90 days 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time
3 retailers 3 retailers

6 retailers