5 Ways To Save Money at Asda

how to save at asda

If you already shop at Asda, you clearly care about saving money. When you think bang for your buck, Asda springs to mind. But, we can all agree that if you can save more, then you should, right? We certainly thought so. So, here are 5 great ways to save money when you shop at Asda. 

  1. Get a Christmas Saving Card- You may be thinking, “summer still isn’t over, so why would we get a Christmas Savings Card?”. Hear us out. Whatever you save on this card, you get a bonus depending on the quantity you managed to save by November 19th. There is a catch – this bonus can only be spent at Asda. But what doesn’t Asda have? 
  2. Get an Asda Delivery Pass- If you pay £5 a month, the Asda Delivery Pass grants you completely free delivery for all Asda products, even at peak hours. You’d be silly let this deal pass you by!
  3. Use the Asda Price Guarantee- Asda makes a bold promise to its customers. But they keep it. Asda promises to have all of their prices 10% lower than any other of its competitors. If you find that this promise hasn’t been kept, Asda will pay you the difference in vouchers. 
  4. Shop at the Asda Smart Price Range- This is Asda’s value product line. According to Asda, everything in this range is pretty much as cheap as it could possibly be. So, this range will guarantee you aren’t wasting any money. 
  5. Use your Curve card- Unlike other ways to save money on this list, the money you save here can be used at any stores, not just at Asda. When you shop at Asda, and you’ve chosen Asda as one of your favourite retailers, you get 1% instant Curve Cash! 

With Curve, you can choose either 3 or 6 retailers depending on which Curve card you have. The choice is yours!

Curve Blue Curve Black Curve Metal
1% instant Curve Cash for 90 days 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time
3 retailers 3 retailers 6 retailers