6 Ways to Save At Apple

ways to save at apple

Apple. Heard of them? Yeah we thought you might have! From 2001’s launch of the iPod to the latest iPhone XS Max release, Apple has nailed the customer intimacy and the product leadership aspects of its business. This is why their net worth is so impressively high – at more than $1 trillion. So, does Apple really need the money? Well they probably wouldn’t notice if you were able to save a few pennies when buying their cool products. Here are a few of the ways you can save when you spend your money at Apple: 

  1. Buy used/refurbished products- Obviously you’ve heard of buying used products, and, generally, they’re much cheaper than buying straight off the shelf. But sometimes the product life diminishes, so you may only get a couple of years with the product performing at its maximum capacity. So, the other option is to buy refurbished Apple products. They’re not as cheap as used products, but they’re more reliable, and they can still be 20% cheaper than brand new products
  2. Buy when you’re abroad- Apple is a vast multinational company, so its products reach pretty much every country in the world. But this doesn’t only have to benefit Apple- it can benefit you, too. Prices do vary from country to country, depending on what the exchange rates are doing and the import/export prices. Generally, Apple products are cheaper in the States than in the UK, so, if you’re going on a trip, why not save a little cash by buying the product over there? 
  3. Take advantage of the education discount– If you’re a college student (and you can prove it!) you’re entitled to a slight discount on Apple products (around £100 for a new MacBook). This won’t change your life, but it’s a solid start at least. 
  4. Buy at the Back to School Promotion– Right before the start of every school year (late August), Apple tends to lower its prices slightly, to attract higher sales. Definitely hold off from buying an Apple product close to this time if you could buy it during the sales season. 
  5. Check out prices of other distributors- Obviously, Apple isn’t the only company to sell Apple products- Amazon, Dixon’s Travel and official Apple retailers do too. So, it’s a great idea shop around to see what prices these companies offer, since they may well offer lower prices than Apple does. 
  6. Use your Curve card– when you choose Curve, if you select Apple as one of your Curve Cash retailers, you can get 1% instant cashback with every purchase you make at Apple. If you choose Curve Blue, you get Curve Cash as a 90 day introductory offer, but if you upgrade to Curve Black or Curve Metal, you get it for an unlimited time*. Since people tend to spend a lot at Apple stores, this makes an even bigger difference to your budget. Get the most out of your budget with Curve 💰

Find out more about how you can save at Apple with Curve.