6 Ways To Save Money At M&S


M&S is considered a posher place to do your weekly shop. A lot of people shop here for the brand quality. But having good spending practices is good no matter your budget! You could still be getting your delicious M&S food for a little cheaper. On the other hand, if it’s a tad out of your price bracket, consider these tips a way to enjoy some M&S magic every once in a while. Just check out these 7 ways to save.

  1. Get a Sparks Card-  This has nothing to do with actual sparks, so you don’t need to worry about any fire risks. Essentially, it’s just a loyalty card, but it’s more tailor-made than its competitors. Once you get a certain number of points, you get exclusive access to various events, and you get to skip the queue at M&S sales. You also get £5 to spend on your birthday. It’s one of the best around. Don’t miss out on some amazing savings!
  2. Meal deals- We all know the Brits are well know for our love of a sandwich; what’s more, you can save decent amounts of cash when you choose the M&S meal deal. Normally, a sandwich, some crisps and a drink comes to around £4 quid. But, when you get them all together the cost is £3.50. 50p may not seem like much, but, if you are a big lover of sandwiches (and savings) this number soon adds up to a rather hefty amount. So, make your favourite type of sandwich a saving sandwich. Extra tasty. 
  3. Bring your own bag- Normally, BYOB stands for bring your own booze, but that’s definitely against the rules at M&S. At the checkout counter, 5p extra for a bag does not seem like much. But like every other small, regular charge, this racks up to a pretty large sum. Why not avoid this by investing in a high quality bag that you can bring along, and find yourself saving money in no time. Also, you can brag about being a friend of the environment.
  4. Bank with M&S- They do more than food! M&S is also a bank that you can use. It offers fee-free spending, and, for every £1 you spend, that equates to one point you can use in M&S. If you wish to upgrade to the premium checking account (£10 a month), you get tons of other perks, like over £100 in hot drinks at the M&S Café. If you find yourself spending at M&S quite a lot, it might be a worthwhile investment to also bank with them – and enjoy the extras!
  5. Check the M&S website- M&S always keeps you on your toes by offering exclusive deals on their website, some of which are an absolute bargain. So, be sure to check them out! Before you head out for your weekly shop, double check online first. You might find that your favourite item is loads cheaper. By planning ahead and some investigative work, you can end up saving a fair bit.
  6. Use your Curve card- Curve is happy to announce that M&S is one of our exclusive retailers that offer you 1% instant Curve Cash. With Curve, you can choose either 3 or 6 retailers depending on which Curve card you have. And if you’re a Curve Black or Curve Metal customer, you get Curve Cash for unlimited time. The choice is yours!