5 Ways To Save Money When You Shop At Waitrose


So you’ve decided to treat yourself by shopping at Waitrose. Good for you! You deserve it. But this comes at a cost – whilst the food products are delicious they’re often more expensive than other supermarket brands. But what if you could enjoy all the luxury without the price tag? Yes, it really is possible! Here are 5 steps you can take to start saving your hard-earned cash when shopping at Waitrose (we really do spoil you!). 

Buy Essential Waitrose products

Waitrose has split into various ranges, Waitrose One being the top, and Essential Waitrose being the most cost-efficient. The only reason you’d pay extra is for the bragging rights (and you’re already shopping at Waitrose, so why bother?). Also, Essential Waitrose boasts over 2,000 different items for purchase at a lower price, including fruit and veg, fish and poultry and stuff for the food cupboard. It’s definitely worth a look. 

Look Out For Brand Match

Although Waitrose is generally more expensive than Tesco in a lot of areas, they match them where it most counts for some. That’s right. Booze. WaitroseCellar promises to match all of Tesco’s prices for wine and spirits. So you get the brand of Waitrose at Tesco prices. Not too shabby, and perfect for when you’re planning a special celebration or a dinner party with family and friends. 

Get Yourself A Partnership Card

When you choose to enrol in the John Lewis-Waitrose Partnership Card, you get exclusive benefits, and every penny counts. You can enjoy 1 Waitrose point for every £1 you spend at John Lewis, or for £2 you spend anywhere else where Mastercard is accepted. You can also enjoy additional benefits and offers, found on the Waitrose website. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for doing next to nothing? 

Sign Up To The myWaitrose Loyalty Scheme

Whilst you don’t get cash back for this scheme, you immediately have the chance to get your hands on free goods, save money on your shopping and win exclusive prizes. It’s the supermarket’s way of getting to know your tastes and thanking you for your continued loyalty. Given the prices offered at Waitrose, this is a pretty sweet deal. 

Use Your Curve Card At Waitrose  

We’re delighted to announce that Waitrose is one of our exclusive retailers at which we offer you 1% instant Curve Cash– as a 90 day introductory offer for Curve Blue cardholders but for an unlimited time if you get Curve Black or Curve Metal!* So, when you combine all the above methods with your Curve card, you really can save a lot of money. Now go stock up your fridge!