5 Ways To Save Money While Eating At Nando’s


Most people would struggle to imagine a world without Nando’s – it’s a favourite of basically everyone’s. Nando’s is perfect for a date, too, and it is quasi-affordable. Well, how about we remove the “quasi”. Make your Nando’s cheekier than ever with these 5 thrifty ways to save at there.

  1. Order a platter- Like-minded people have like-minded tastes (kind of). If you and a friend both want a half chicken with a side, then definitely think about ordering the platter. If you order a platter, you each get a half chicken with a side, which could help you save nearly £5. 
  2. Order large- You’ll probably want chips, as they are 👌. As a matter of fact, a large portion sometimes is larger than 2 regular portions, and cheaper, too (about 35p cheaper). So, pay less for more chips. 
  3. Make your own Perinaise- If you like Perinaise, you can buy it for an additional 50p at the counter. But why would you? Simply add some peri-peri from the condiment counter to some mayonnaise. You can also choose the spice levels, depending on the spice of the peri-peri you use. More like “perisave”. 
  4. Avoid sugar drinks- We all know sugar is bad for your health. It’s also bad for your wallet. There’s a 20p sugar tax on regular Coca-Cola at Nando’s, so why not just go for a Diet Coke? 
  5. Use your Curve card- We’re happy to announce that Nando’s is one of our retailers at which we offer you 1% instant Curve Cash.  And if you choose Curve Metal (or Curve Black), you get Curve Cash for unlimited time – so you really can get those olives for starters!