5 Ways To Save Money At McDonald’s


McDonald’s is already cheap and cheerful. But you can never have too much of a good thing – so saving even more on your next fast food run really is the cherry on the cake (or McFlurry). We’ve got some extra tips just for you on how to do it! Check out these 5 ways to instantly save next time you crave a McDonald’s.

  1. Make Your Own Big Mac- Because the Big Mac is the flagship on the menu, it’s not going to be the absolute cheapest thing there is. Fret not. Get savvy and you can make your own. Here’s how: order a McDouble, with no ketchup or mustard, and ask for lettuce with secret sauce. What you’ve got is practically a Big Mac, and you can save up to almost £2!
  2. Buy a Happy Meal – If you’re feeling a bit peckish and don’t want an entire meal, just order a junior meal. You’ll get all the McGoodness without the McCosts.
  3. Order off the savers menu- As the name might suggest, the savers menu gives you McDonald’s cheapest, best value meals. So, just by ordering off of this menu, you’ll already find yourself saving some extra cash. 
  4. Make your own sausage egg McMuffin- Despite it being on the savers menu, you can save even more cash on a sausage egg McMuffin. Order a plain ol’ sausage McMuffin, and order a round egg with it. You can save up to £1 when you do this! Another sneaky hack to bear in mind. 
  5. Use your Curve card- We’re delighted to announce that McDonald’s is one of our premium retailers at which we can offer you 1% instant Curve Cash. You get Curve Cash as a 90 day introductory offer for Curve Blue cardholders but for an unlimited time if you get Curve Black or Curve Metal. We can help make you McRich(ish). Every time you enjoy some tasty McDonald’s grub you save 1% of your spendings as cashback. Cheap food and extra savings, it’s the dream! 

Find out more about how you can save at McDonald’s with Curve.