6 Independent London Restaurants To Use Your Curve Card

London Restaurants To Use Your Curve Card

When working a demanding  job, there are plenty of go-to options to grab something quick and delicious to eat on your way to work or during your lunch break. But in a city as big and diverse as London, why not spoil yourself and take full advantage of restaurants that don’t only give you great food, but a great experience too?

  • Bob Bob Ricard- Soho – This restaurant, buried deep in Soho, boasts unique Russian cuisine. But the decor is just as interesting. The interior of this restaurant looks like something straight of The Great Gatsby, so you can travel back in time to America in the 1930s. Each booth also has a button “Ring for Champagne”, which we could all use at our desks!
  • Sexy Fish- Mayfair – If the name isn’t enough to pique your interest, the menu certainly will. This bougie restaurant/ bar has a delicious Asian cuisine menu, and it makes cocktails so tasty that you’ll drink, and feel, like a sexy fish.
  • Bubbledogs- Fitzrovia – Champagne and hotdogs; we could leave it there. Sometimes you crave junk food – don’t we all? But if you don’t want the formal atmosphere of going to a high-brow, sit-down restaurant, this is the place for you. The champagne has been hand-selected by a professional sommelier, so you know you’re getting the good stuff. Bubbles and buns; name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.
  • La Bodega Negra- Soho – The quality of this Mexican cuisine restaurant is more shocking than the gimp suit-laden mannequin in the front window. You believe that you are looking at the front of a sex shop window in Soho, but, after going down the stairs, you soon find out that it’s a quality Mexican restaurant with great cocktails on offer. The potential for pranks on your friends with this restaurant appears to be limitless.
  • Addis- King’s Cross – We bet you’ve never had authentic Ethiopian food. Or you have? Then you know how delicious it is. Addis Restaurant, named after the capital of Ethiopia, is one of the only restaurants that offers genuine Ethiopian cuisine. The servers there bring out a huge pancake, decorated with various meats and cheeses, and then you tuck in. Definitely check this out if you want a new and different experience.

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