4 Reasons Why You Should Check Your Bank Balance More Often

Ahhh your beloved bank balance. 2 words nobody ever wants to think about… unless it’s payday😉. We all love to hate it. That’s often because it loves to hate us. However, as disheartening as it can be to check your bank balance, it’s extremely important that you keep on top of it. Otherwise it’ll easily get on top of you, and nobody wants that.


We’ve listed 4 reasons why it’s important to check your bank balance often down below. Keeping on top of your finances will set you on the path of financial freedom. Why take an alternate route?

1. Track Your Spending

We can already hear you shouting, I’m an adult, I know where my money goes and we’re sure you do too. But you can’t tell us you’ve never miscalculated your finances, not even once? You’ve never checked your bank balance for the first time in a long time and then had your heart sink to the bottom of your stomach like a brick in a swimming pool? We’ve all been there. If you consistently track your spending, you won’t have to return. Keeping track of your expenses will put you in the driving seat of your finances. You’ll know when you can spend, spend, spend and when it’s time to save, save, save. You can also break bad spending habits by discovering where you’re overspending and working on it. This’ll help you improve your money management skills which can only benefit you in the long-run.

2. The Monster of Monthly Fees

Oh the monster of monthly fees. When you find a good deal you can’t let it slip away. 3 months of free movies?! You can count us in too. 3 months later comes the catch… £12.99 taken from your account, just like that. How will you know if you don’t regularly check your bank balance? All you’ve gotta do to combat the monster of monthly fees is check your bank balance often and remember to cancel those unwanted subscriptions before they bully their way into your bank account.

3. Catch Fraudulent Activity

You never think it’ll happen to you until it does. Fraudulent activity on credit and debit cards is unfortunately increasing. These are not only large transactions, they can also be small. Keeping a regular eye on your transactions is one way to stop the culprits in their tracks and protect your finances. It is also important to note that there is usually a limited period of time that you can report fraudulent activity on your account. Checking your bank balance regularly really is in your favour.

4. Catch Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but financial mistakes are particularly costly. Whether it be adding an extra 0 to that money transfer you made last week or making a payment twice accidentally. Regularly checking your bank account will help you identify these mistakes. If you catch any mistakes, call your bank and they should help you to correct them. Keeping on top of your bank balance benefits you which can only be a good thing in the long run. So what are you waiting for?

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