A Hidden Hack To Protecting Your Finances On Holiday

Protecting Your Finances On Holiday

Sun, sand and sea with a dash of insecurity? Not our cup of tea and we’re sure its not yours either. You deserve to be protected on holiday.

Aren’t you tired of that pounding internal panic alarm when you lose sight of your wallet for more than a split second? Holidays should be stress-free, and we’re here to help ensure they still are. At your rescue once again😎. Yes, we’ve found a solution.

The Hidden Hack

What’s a bigger liability? Carrying along 3 cards or 1? 3 of course! 

But now you can have the best of both worlds!

We’re not a bank, we’re even better. When you download the Curve app and order a brand new sleek Curve card, you could gain access to a fantastic travel insurance package. With 3 tiers to choose from, you could gain access to:

Benefits of using Curve:
Fee-free spending on 200+ currencies with access to competitive rates* (weekend charges apply)
1% instant cashback as an introductory offer for 90 days* 
Go Back in Time, to switch the card you paid with, up to 14 days after purchase*
Advanced encryption technology, instant notifications, and the best purchase coverage*
Worldwide Travel Insurance & Electronic Gadget Insurance (Curve Black and Curve Metal only)**

Download the Curve app to find out how you can better protect yourself and your finances on your next holiday.