Pro-Tips On How To Make Banking On Your Smartphone Bulletproof With Curve

Curve security and safety

Oussama Louhaidia is Head of Information Security at Curve. Oussama leads and develops Curve’s Security and Privacy Strategy, working on cutting-edge security technologies and concepts while ensuring regulatory requirements are met. Here are his pro-tips on banking with Curve and making your smartphone bulletproof 🔒👌

Curve was built with security at the forefront of its design, constantly innovating to give you extra protection and stay ahead of the curve, while acting as a firewall to all cards, with real-time notifications, incredible purchase protection and in-app card locking.

Curve is by default safer than carrying all your cards with you. We don’t store your card numbers in our app or on your device, your information is encrypted with industry leading encryption standards, and stored in segregated databases.

What are Curve’s key security features?

  1. Better protection: Curve Customer Protection allows us to provide greater protection to you for purchases made using your Curve card.*

  2. In-app card locking: If your card is missing please lock it in-app. This will prevent anyone from using your Curve but you can unlock it if you find it again.  

  3. Extra protection to your money: Curve gives you extra protection by acting as a firewall for all cards.

  4. Real-time account notifications: You’ll receive instant push notifications after all account activity, so you always know where your money is going, and when. You don’t need to wait a few days to see a transaction or wait until the end of a billing period to see all your transactions.

What do I do if my Curve card is lost or stolen?

  • Instantly lock your Curve Card in-app
  • If you don’t have access to the app and have misplaced your card, please call our emergency lost and stolen phone line: +44 203 322 2585*.

How can I make my smartphone more secure?

1. Lock your smartphone

Make your smartphone more secure by:

  • Locking your screen by adding a lock code, or
  • lock pattern
  • or fingerprint.

This helps make your Curve app more secure, especially if you lose your smartphone. And don’t forget to use different passwords for your Curve app and all your other apps.

2. Update your Curve app, and mobile system

  • Regularly update the software on your smartphone. Manufacturers frequently issue software updates to protect against new safety defects.

3. Only download apps only from official stores (eg- App Store or Play Store)

Be suspicious of any new unfamiliar apps. They can contain malware and facilitate access to sensitive details.

4. Some other top tips to keep your money safe when using Curve…

  • Be sure the Wi-Fi you are connected to is safe and avoid banking on public unprotected networks
  • Don’t respond to phishing texts or emails prompting you to take action by clicking on hyperlinks
  • Use an anti-skimming wallet (RFID blocking)
  • Avoid ATMs that look like they have been tampered with (e.g. clear scratches or tape)
  • Be careful what applications you download to your device
  • Plus don’t forget, keep your Curve’s card notifications on 👍