Why Having One Card Is Better Than Carrying 5 Credit Cards and Bank Cards

Credit Cards and Bank Cards

You’re about to step out of the house, but first you do a pocket-check; phone, keys, and your Curve card. But what about your wallet? Surely you cannot leave the house without that? Well now you can.

Normally, when it comes to finance, the more cards you have in your arsenal, the better, right? Well, sometimes sifting through a plethora of cards at the checkout counter and trying to remember what you’ve spent on which, can be stressful to say the least, especially if a sizeable queue is forming behind you. With Curve, you can be the coolest person in the shop. By glancing at your phone in the queue, you can immediately figure out which card you wish to use through Curve, leaving the flustered version of yesterday’s you, in the past. And, even if you do choose the wrong card to make a purchase, you can easily Go Back in Time in a way that would put the Avengers to shame. Say you chose the wrong card to make a purchase, Curve allows you to correct this charge on your card up to 14 days after the purchase was made*, literally allowing you to erase your previous mistakes. With Curve, the stakes surrounding financial errors have never been lower.

It’s no secret; some cards look ghastly, to the extent that you hesitate to take them out of your wallet. Even if you’re lucky enough to not be bothered by the look of your card, most of them are plain to say the least. But, with Curve Metal, you can put the “U” in Curve. Aside from being an exclusive member of the “Metal Cards Club”, you get the added benefit of choosing which colour suits you best. Do you wish to express yourself through the seductive pink colour on offer, or do you prefer the slick, yet understated black card? Although we stress that one is better than five, in this case, five colours are better than one.

There are two types of people in the world: those who organise their apps under various folders on their mobile, and those who do not. Yet Curve benefits both types. Having to log in to various mobile banking apps can be a hassle at the best of times, yet Curve takes this out of the equation. Simply open the app, and find all of your cards under the same application. Also, Curve shows you your monthly spending under each card, so you know at a glance which card you should use to make a purchase. It’s like having your own pocket-sized accountant. Experience this first hand when you download the Curve app.

Pros and Pros For Choosing Curve:

Only Leave The House With One Card
Option To Personalise With Curve Metal
Keep Track Of All Your Expenses Under 1 App
Go Back In Time Up To 14 days After A Purchase*
Fee-free Spending On 200+ Currencies With Access To Competitive Rates* (Weekend Charges Apply) 
Fee-free ATM Cash Withdrawals* (Weekend Charges Apply)