New Look. Same Curve.

Curve rebrand posters

We’re still the same Curve you know and love. Same king of all cards. Same financial freedom fighter. We’ve just revamped our look. That’s right, Curve is rebranding – and in a swamp of boring banker blues and putrid personal finance pastels – red is THE colour. You’d be hard pressed to miss it! And damn, are we proud of our new look? 🔥

After all, we all need a makeover from time to time – from ladies of the night (Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman) to guys in drag (Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire!)  It’s all part of being fierce and fearless.

We are different. And so are you.

Forget normality. We don’t follow boring banking trends. We are building a brand to cut through the clutter. Yes, we’re still the same Curve – here to redefine how you deal with money. Forever at the cutting edge of technology. And it’s only right that our look-and-feel reflects this daring mission.

We are now raging red and proud. Red is the colour of courage, energy and passion – all things that Curve has by the bucket load. It’s bold and full of life – like our brand. Just as much as we are bold, we are uncomplicated. Which is why our palette is balanced out with our take on ‘black and white’. What could be simpler?  

Curve is serving you bold new colours. Stunning new fonts. A kickass Tone of Voice. And that’s just the tip of the make-up brush…

Say hello to our BADASS Tube ads.

You can check out our new look on our website, social media, marketing campaigns, emails. And if you’re a Londoner, you really won’t be able to miss it: our badass ads are plastered all over the Tube! Yes, there really is no way of escaping our new brand identity….

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So, how did we come up with our new look?

Well, we wanted our visual identity to truly represent our badass brand and personality. We wanted to combine the key elements of our identity  – typeface, colours, images and logo – to boldly tell the Curve story to our customers, investors and employees. In doing this, we’ve built a visual identity that is:

  • Uncomplicated: Simplicity is in our DNA. We make things clear and easy to understand… we uncomplicate things. That’s why our look is clean, uncluttered and streamlined, just like our brand.
  • Distinctive: Our visual identity stands out. It’s ballsy, punchy and creates a hype. Our look is memorable and unlike anyone in the category, we use design elements with maximum impact that immediately tells the world we are here to drive a revolution.
  • Trendsetting: Others follow trends. We set them. Our look demonstrates that we are walking the road less travelled – building a whole new category. Our visual identity is fresh and unexpected in a mono world of too much vanilla and beige.
  • Stylish: We do it in style, or we don’t do it at all. After all, we have a brand name to keep.

Sassy and Badassy. Introducing our Tone of Voice.

Yes, they say a picture can tell a thousand words. But they also say, the pen is mightier than the sword. As a disruptive fintech, we needed a Tone of Voice that disrupts too – distinctive, easily recognisable, and one that sets us apart from the crowd.

Curve’s employees – we like to call them Curve A-Teamers – are confident. Provocative. Consistent. Loyal. Witty. When we say something, we say it with feeling. And when we communicate with you, we ensure every sentence is distinctive, shows you what we stand for and represents Curve’s brand. Our Tone of Voice is:

  • Friendly:  Corporatey business talk makes us cringe. Friendly communication reminds you that we are just human beings. We make mistakes. We build relationships. We care. Speak plainly, and imagine you are our only customer. Because each one of our customers is a universe.
  • Bold: Our language is packed with energy and self-belief. We’re building something big and exciting and different, in one of the oldest and stodgiest industries in the world. Pardon our giddiness there for a second, but we’re just that excited about shaking up the world of finance. We’re not afraid of holding an uncommon opinion. We’re here to make a statement. 
  • Candid: We are honest and direct. We are always truthful and open. Sometimes we have no choice but to deliver bad news – we do it succinctly and without dousing it in sugar.
  • Simple: We’re here to uncomplicate finance. So if we can’t explain something simply enough, we review and rewrite. We keep it simple.

Our language is packed with energy and self-belief. Honest and direct. In every sentence we say, we want you to feel appreciated. Loyal. Friendly. Understood. And delighted. We are proud to use our distinctive Tone of Voice alongside our new bright, bold new visual identity. We continue to demystify your finances by connecting your money, right at your fingertips. We will tear down the walls, rewrite the rules and bring you the financial freedom you deserve. Welcome to the revolution.