AR Pay Technology Introduced

Following the leakage of Curve AR Pay in the media, we decided to share with you the workings behind the scene, and the real life impact of such technology.

Dubbed “Project X” by our engineering team, Curve AR Pay has been in the works for over a year now, with the goal of removing friction from the checkout experience.

Seen as impossible at first, a Skunk Works team was created with engineers who previously worked at GCHQ, Israeli special forces 8200, ARM and the best Europe can offer.

After a year in development, we’ve managed to deliver the impossible…

This innovative technology will allow our customers to pay at a shop without needing to get out any physical card, not even your Curve card – a groundbreaking next step in Curve’s mission to Free Your Money. That means that you can pay at the till without getting up from your chair, just as long as you can see the POS Terminal.

How does it work you ask? Well, we can’t share with you all the details, as we have not yet submitted a patent, but in a nutshell, the technology is using the latest AR technology to read the POS device from a distance, identifying its ID, and sending the card details through the Mastercard network. That also means that it is the most secure payment method to date, as no card details are being shared over the ether, but only via standardised internal lines of communications.

The AR Pay technology we’ve developed currently only works at physical stores but Curve’s engineers are hard at work to enhance the technology for online shopping as well.

And like many of Curve’s features, AR Pay is also a neat trick to show off at the office, at a party, or down the pub.

Unfortunately we are yet to have a formal release date, as the product is still in Alpha.

Update: The “leaked” Curve AR Pay video was our April Fool’s Day joke. Thank you all for being a good sports. As for AR Pay… never say never!