4 Weeks In The Life: Here’s What It’s Like To Intern At Curve

My last month as an intern has been a steep, but extremely rewarding, learning Curve (see what I did there? 😜). Terrible jokes aside, it’s always nerve wracking entering a company as an intern. Will I be planted in a corner and ignored? Will I be made to do the photocopying? Coffee runs? Luckily for me, these nightmarish scenarios, which you so often hear about, didn’t even come close to materialising. 

What I experienced at Curve was actually the complete opposite. The day I arrived I was briefed by the Senior Content Writer on the Growth Team’s current projects and future plans, and minutes later I was already getting stuck into writing the content needed to achieve this. It’s been a wonderful experience knowing that the work I’m doing is valued by my team and necessary for the company’s success. 

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I felt a little overwhelmed at first given that I had next to no knowledge of the fintech industry, but my team was always on hand to answer any queries and I soon got into a rhythm. I’ve learnt more than I ever imagined I would in four weeks, from the importance of consistency in tone of voice and company branding, to compliance laws. Not only have I dabbled in a bit of coding, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot of business and journalistic jargon, researched and written articles and designed accompanying infographics. 

Experience in a startup in the early stages of rapid growth has been an incredibly exciting atmosphere to be a part of, because each day there’s a new challenge to face or a new idea to execute. During my four weeks here, Curve has spilled out onto two office floor and reached the amazing milestone of achieving $55m in investment capital (which was rewarded with a staff boat party along the Thames!)


Another thing I’ve loved about Curve is how inclusive and diverse the office is. Of the 150 employees there are dozens of different nationalities, varying from apprentices, to recent graduates, to staff members of a wide range of ages and experience. Whilst I was there we celebrated Pride in the office by all wearing our Curve Pride t-shirts and tucking into a delicious rainbow cakes (The proceeds of the cake sale going to Stonewall!)

Overall, it’s been a pleasure working alongside such smart, motivated and creative colleagues, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for being nothing but friendly and supportive. I would definitely recommend working at Curve, it really is a unique working environment and I’ve loved being a part of it.