The Millennial Guide to Credit Cards

Curve card and credit cards in a wallet

Millennials can have a bad rep. “Lazy. Entitled. And apparently you’re all completely lousy with money – earning, saving, paying it off.” But we know that’s not true!

Most young adults have busy, digital lifestyles. You need a financial service that is reliable, simple and keeps up with your demands. Curve is here to guide you through  some of the credit cards that could make improving your credit score easier and put you in more control. Whether you’re looking for your first credit card or a way to up your financial game, you could find a good match here. You always need to think carefully before getting a credit card, and make sure you’re ready to use it responsibly.

  • Tandem –The folks at Tandem offer two types of credit card that could be handy for young professionals or travellers. You can easily manage your finances through the Tandem app with real-time notifications every time you spend:
    • Tandem Journey Credit Card – As well as its zero fee travel perks, the Journey Credit Card can help you build up a limited credit history and improve your credit rating. You might even be rewarded for paying on time each month and not going over the credit limit. A few months after opening your account, Tandem will review your limit and could offer you an increase.
    • 24.9% APR
    • Tandem Cashback Credit Card – If you’re confident that you’ve already built up a pretty good credit score, with the Cashback Credit Card you could focus on rewards instead. Get a little back for your everyday spending with 0.5% cashback on all purchases worldwide over £1. And with zero fee global transactions, the travellers among you could finally explore the world with less spending guilt.
      • 18.9% APR
  • Aqua Classic Credit Card – Aqua try to help people with low credit scores rebuild their rating. With them, you get free unlimited access to your credit report. This means you can check your updated credit score each month and track its progress.
    • Free text alerts
    • Manage everything online
    • 35.9% APR
  • Tesco Bank Foundation Credit Card – Tesco might not be what first comes to mind when you think of banking, but this credit card also offers the chance to build up a credit rating. You get the opportunity to enjoy Tesco clubcard benefits, which is handy if Tesco is your go-to shop. With Tesco Bank, you also get free access to Noddle Premium, a service that helps you track your credit score.
    • Manage everything via the app
    • Free text or email reminders
    • 27.5% APR
  • Platinum 28 Month 0% Balance Transfer Barclaycard – With 28 months of 0% interest balance transfers, you could transfer outstanding payments to this card and start paying off other credit debt. You also get 0% interest on purchases for the first 6 months of opening your account. On top of that, enjoy exclusive deals on live events through Barclaycard Entertainment.
    • Manage everything online
    • 19.9% APR

Don’t forget! To keep the benefits offered by these credits cards follow these simple (but essential) tips:

  1. Always make sure to pay off your balance in full each month.
  2. Don’t use your credit card for cash withdrawals except in an emergency.
  3. Don’t go over your credit limit.

By using your credit card responsibly, and following these tips, it could help you stay on top of your payments and avoid extra interest.

You can then take your finances up a notch with Curve. Manage your spending on one simple, stylish card and our smart app. You can also earn 1% cashback* on a range of top retailers. Plus, you get more financial control with real-time alerts on what you’re spending across all cards. You’re the boss.

Plus, check out our Go Back in Time feature which means if you paid with the wrong card, you can switch the card you used, for a purchase up to £1,000 and within 14 days.*  to get ultimate flexibility.

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