Metal Cards vs Plastic Cards – Why You Need A Metal Card In Your Life

Why be basic when you could be better? Don’t get us wrong, plastic cards are great, but metal cards? They’re definitely in a league of their own. They’re seen as a status symbol to many, and we understand why. The luxurious feel of the metal card alone is enough to lift your spirits. It doesn’t only stand out in your wallet either – bring that out at a store and it’s guaranteed to prompt compliments and questions like ‘Oo this is a lovely card’ or ‘Oo you must be important’.  As stylish as metal cards are, there are important factors you must consider before signing up for one, like ‘is the card itself good? No point carrying around a metal card that doesn’t benefit your finances, that’s just dead weight in your wallet.

Making it easy for you, as per usual 😉, we’ve found a solution – Curve Metal 🥳.

Why Curve Metal should be your next step:

The Perks Of Curve Metal
Supports Mastercard & Visa
1% cashback at 6 premium retailers, as an introductory offer*
Unlimited fee-free foreign exchange*
Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals up to £600/month*
Go Back in Time up to 14 days*
Worldwide Travel Insurance**
Electronic Gadget Insurance**
Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver Insurance**
Worldwide Airport LoungeKey Access* (Coming soon)
3 unique beautiful metal colours
Premium 18g brushed metal card

Curve Metal isn’t just another metal card. It’s full of benefits which enable your finances to work with you rather than against you. It can also work as a super card to simplify your finances and streamline your wallet. We’ll pop your chosen Curve card in the post and it’ll be with you in days. Download the Curve app today to jumpstart your journey of financial freedom.