Meet The Curve A-Teamer Behind Our Record Breaking Crowdfunding Campaign

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Surely by now you’ve heard all about our record-smashing £6M crowdfunding campaign? Well, now it’s time to meet Curve A-Teamer, Charlie Hammond, who coordinated the whole campaign and led us towards its incredible success. 

  • Let’s begin with the timing of it all. Curve customers have been asking about crowdfunding for a while, so why was this the perfect time? 

It’s standard protocol for Fintechs to offer customers a chance to invest – it’s a very powerful and important move to make. I used to work at Crowdcube, so naturally it was something I pushed for. We publicly played with the idea and were met with an overwhelming response. That’s when we knew, it was time. 

  • Curve raised £6M in record breaking time. Did you guys anticipate that would happen?

The whole concept is daunting because we put our business at the mercy of the public. But we made a really brave decision. With 29,000 people signed up we assumed we’d get our target pretty quickly, but not that fast. I mean £3m in 17 minutes, that’s phenomenal. 

  • What does it mean to be an investor in Curve?  

To some, it means following us on our journey. But for most, we’re an attractive yet risky investment. They’ve seen Monzo and Revolut pave the way and want an opportunity to get significant returns. And if we reach our vision, they should.

  • Did you put a cap on investments and what was the thought process behind that? 

We did – another bold decision made by us. We recently closed £44M, so the aim of the crowdfunding was mainly for customers to join in. While we were interested in hitting our targets, the goal is having as many investors as possible get involved. Setting a cap of £25k allows more customers to join in.

  • Last, but by no means least, do you have any final words for our investors?  

From Team Curve, we just want to say thank you! Through your trust, love and support, we made history. Welcome aboard. It’s going to be a hell of a journey…