Meet Curve’s Newest Apprentice: Tia

Meet Curve’s Newest Apprentice: Tia

Why did I choose an apprenticeship?

I chose to undergo an apprenticeship as studying whilst gaining experience in my desired career field really appealed to me. I’d say I’m quite an academic person, having completed Secondary school, Sixth form and then going on to University. I liked the routine of being in full-time education, but I felt like I wasn’t applying my learning, it was more like a safety net to me. Doing an apprenticeship has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it really does bridge that wide gap between gaining the knowledge and placing it somewhere.

What’s the difference between University and an Apprenticeship?

The difference between doing an apprenticeship and going to University is very apparent. Being a creative person, I felt quite boxed in at University, I loved the course, but I wasn’t able to be as creative as I’d have liked. Doing an apprenticeship in my desired field has so far allowed me to express my creativity as well as give me a real insight into the working world. You’ve got to get up early everyday😪, partake in the early morning tube rush, but most importantly, you gain great experience and knowledge which can really kick-start your career in a way that University cannot.   

Why Curve?

Curve appealed to me as it seemed to be a small company working toward bringing a massive creative, and game-changing vision to life. This gave me an insight into the personality of Curve, and as an ambitious and creative person, I felt as though I’d be a good fit for the company. Instead of just fitting into the Fintech industry, Curve is really taking it by storm and creating spaces which were not there before, and I loved the idea of being a part of that. I also liked the idea of joining a small company, as I’d be able to see how see the direct impact of my team’s work would impact the growth of the brand.

How did you find Curve?

I was introduced to Curve via an a tech-startup company called WhiteHat. WhiteHat help young people from school leaver-level and above gain access to career-focused apprenticeships. They have a wide range of roles available and offer great support during the application process as well as after. WhiteHat assigned me a coach to look after me during my apprenticeship process. As well as track my apprenticeship coursework and development within the workplace, my coach is also there if I have any worries or queries. Alongside that, there are also opportunities to attend training courses which will enhance your knowledge further, not to mention a bunch of WhiteHat community events to get stuck into. All in all, I’d recommend WhiteHat to all young people wanting to get their foot in the door to kick-start their career journey.

What is it like working at Curve?

Curve has a great workplace culture, everyone is friendly and helpful and the environment is quite relaxed. There are a lot of knowledgeable people at hand to guide me through processes and platforms that are new to me as a learning apprentice. There’s also a learning budget – available to each team member – which I can use to purchase books or online courses to enhance my learning and develop me further in my role. Often, the CEO will recommend books he finds useful. This is useful as it ensures we all have the same understanding of the vision and direction we’re trying to move in. For example, it was recommended that we read the book ‘Crossing the Chasm’. This really helped me to understand different audiences and the way they think and how we have to adapt our marketing strategies to appeal to each audience. It also helped me get up to terms with certain vocabulary used in the office that was previously going over my head. Not to mention a health and well-being budget to aid my mental and physical health. All in all, the culture at Curve is great for a learning apprentice like myself and I’m getting the opportunity to dive into various projects which is really aiding my development.

What are your career aspirations?

I aspire to work in the field of digital marketing in a creative role. During my time at Secondary School, I had the opportunity of completing 2 weeks of work experience at Publicis Limited (back then), an advertising agency. There, I gained exposure to creative marketing and I absolutely loved it. We planned a marketing campaign for EE around their release of 4G data and that really inspired me to pursue a creative marketing role. Marketing in general appeals to me as I like the concept of using different techniques to engage customers and potential customers with a brand. You’ve got to really get into their heads and think about what they’d want to see, and this taps into psychology, another field I am very interested in. Digital Marketing exemplifies this as it gives you a wide space to play with. Whether it be a social media marketing, email marketing, paid search advertising, and that’s just a few. I love that technology is advancing at a rapid rate because as a result, so is digital marketing, so this gives me a lot of room to work with.

It can be very confusing for young people to transition from an academic environment straight into the workplace. Believe it or not, they’re worlds apart. Thankfully, WhiteHat and Curve have made this transitional process much easier by providing me with essential tools which will aid my growth in and outside of the workplace. I started two months ago, and I’ve already learnt so much, I’m excited to see what the future of Curve has in store for me.