Helping You Choose The Best Low Interest Credit Card For You

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Looking for new ways to save money or increase your financial flexibility? Aren’t we all. It’s so easy to let life’s complexities get in the way and lose track of or take a back seat to your finances. Not to worry, we’ve found a solution, low interest credit cards.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, ‘How can borrowing money help me to save money?’ or, ‘This is just another potential company i’d have to pay back.’

Firstly, let us debunk these credit card conspiracies. Not all credit cards will lead you into a downward spiral of debt. Contrary to popular belief, some credit cards can help reduce your debt, it’s all about picking the right one and using it correctly. If you are looking for new ways to save money, reduce existing debt or increase your financial flexibility, low interest credit cards would be the best fit for you.

What are low interest credit cards?

  • Low interest credit cards are credit cards that have low APR rates. They also save customers money on charges they could accumulate if they don’t pay off their balance in full every month.
  • Low interest credit cards are good if you want to pay off high-interest debt but you don’t have the financial flexibility to do so. One of the main advantages of having a credit card with low interest is that often you will not accrue charges for using the money or making a purchase due to a lengthy interest-free period. This gives you the opportunity to pay back what you owe slowly but surely. You can pay off an existing debt of high importance now, and pay back what you owe the credit card company later. This is a great solution to shuffling around your money and having to cut back on enjoying life’s experiences.

Now that you’ve got all of this information, what do you do with it? Investigate.

You’ll need to do research and find the best low interest credit card for you, but don’t worry, we’ll give you a head start by running you through some of the most popular

Three Of Most Popular Low Interest Credit Cards:

  • Sainsbury’s Dual Offer credit card: Want to increase your purchases but save your pay check? This card allows you to do both. Sainsbury’s Dual Offer credit card offers 0% interest on purchases from between 22 to 28 months. It does vary, but it is still an incredibly lengthy period of time. Also available is 0% interest on balance transfer fees from between 22 to 28 months, which again, is still an extensive period of time, ensuring your financial flexibility. This card also offers a 0% APR fee. In addition to these low interest benefits, this card also has rewards, you can earn Nectar points. Earn 750 Nectar points each time you shop at Sainsbury’s and spend £35 or more. You can do this up to 10 times in your first two months, that’s 7500 points.You can also collect 2 points for every £1 spent on Sainsbury’s shopping and fuel, alongside an additional 1 point for every £5 spent elsewhere.
  • HSBC Purchase Plus credit card: Pay off your high interest debt now and pay HSBC back later, introducing HSBC Purchase Plus credit card. Showcasing its low interest perks, this card offers an 18 months interest free fee on balance transfers which take place within the first 60 days of opening the account. This card also allows you to have a firmer grasp of your money with 0% interest on purchases made within the first 18 months of opening your account. So you can party now and pay later. There is also no annual fee. This card also offers cashback and operates on a rewards scheme called Visa Offers.
  • Virgin Money 28 Month Purchase credit card: You want it? You get it. It’s as simple as that with this Virgin Money 28 Month Purchase credit card. This a great low interest option as it offers a 0% interest fee on purchases for the prolonged period of 28 months. Unlike other credit cards, this one does what it says on the box. If you’re accepted, you receive the full 28 months 0% interest fee on purchases. Which is unlike its competitors that vary the length of time depending on external factors like income or credit score.

Key Terms:

  • APR – APR stands for annual percentage rate. It is the yearly cost of borrowing money using credit cards or loans. It is calculated by taking into account interest and other charges which accrued over the year, including the annual fee if applicable.
  • Interest – Interest is the fee charged for borrowing money by use of the credit card.

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