Here’s What You Should Do If You Lose Your Credit Card

We’ve all been there. The cashier’s eyes are glaring into you as you scramble for your credit card, only to discover that it’s no longer in your wallet. Or worse, that you’ve lost your wallet. But what should you do in this situation? Don’t panic, we’ve outlined the steps you should take below. 

  • Acting fast is key. Report your missing credit card to your bank. Don’t wait around; make the call as soon as you notice your card is missing. You can find your bank’s number on your bank statement or online. You might also be able to report your loss on their website on in one of their branches. 
  • Have all your info at the ready. You’ll need to provide your creditor with your account number, the date your noticed your card was missing, the date and amount of your last purchase. Your issuer will cancel your account and post you a new credit card with a new account number.
  • Be sure to update your mobile wallet if it includes your stolen credit card as a payment method. Whilst losing your credit card shouldn’t affect your credit score, make sure you provide details of your new card to vendors for all automatic payments. You may need to make manual payments in the meantime, but be sure to keep paying on time
  • Review your billing statement for a few months even after the loss to nip any unauthorised changes in the bud. If you see any unfamiliar changes, contact your bank immediately.

Don’t make the same mistake twice! 

Here are some top tips to avoid losing your card: 

  • Always know where your cards are. It may be a good shout to carry just 2 or 3 with you at all times, and leave the others at home in a secure place. 
  • Make sure your wallet is tight and secure. If it’s old and worn and the cards are slipping out easily, it might be time to replace it. 
  • Wear clothing with secure pockets. This may sound silly, but women’s clothing especially has very small pockets, which can increase the chance of loss or theft of your card. So be sure to keep it safely tucked away in a purse or bag!
  • Download Curve.  Never stress about losing your wallet again! You can cancel the card immediately in-app if you lose it, and all your information is encrypted with military-grade security. 

But what if I lose my Curve Card?

Don’t worry, if you misplace your card please lock it in-app! This will stop anyone from using your Curve Card, and you can even unlock it if you find it. But bear in mind, if you lose it outside your home, it’s probably safer to replace it since your details might have been compromised.

  • If you use iPhone, tap on the card menu at the bottom left of the app and then tap on the Lock Card button.  To unlock, go to the same place and click Unlock Card.
  • For Android, chose the menu on the bottom left of the app, then Lock Card.

If you don’t have access to the app and have misplaced your card, please call our emergency lost and stolen phone line: +44 203 322 2585*

If your Curve is gone forever, message one of the support team in-app or email so they can cancel your card and issue a replacement (free of charge).

*You may be charged by your network provider.