London: The Ultimate FinTech Hotspot

The UK capital is the top EU city for VC funding in Europe – almost doubling that of its nearest competitor, Berlin

London has long been a global city. From its multinational backbone, to the far-reaching influence of its cultural exports – it is global – through and through. The impressive innovations of FinTech born and cultivated in the capital are testament to the city’s huge success. With the industry’s rapid growth in the past few years, London remains at the front lines of revolution in the global FinTech market. The city’s rebellious spirit and multiculturalism make for an ideal playground within the forward-thinking landscape of FinTech in today’s digitised world.  

Not only is London geographically centred between Asia and North America, it also functions as an intercontinental bridge, unifying FinTech markets across the globe. London’s triumph as a leader in the sector can surely be attributed to its collaborative and intercultural approach to developing FinTech. Within the UK, 42% of employees working in the industry are from overseas.

But London doesn’t just wait for international talent to turn up. The government-led FinTech Bridge Program actively seeks to broaden London’s global reach, as it aims to work in partnership with FinTech businesses in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and South Korea. Ultimately, as these markets become stronger, London cements itself as a global hub.

Given that London was already a global financial centre, its FinTech sector was able to expand rapidly because numerous international investors were present to back their growth. As well as this, London tops the European Digital Index as the best place for startups. With an impressive access to capital and thriving entrepreneurial culture, the city promotes the ideal ecosystem for development and innovation within FinTech.

London top fintech city in europe and the world

As the political, economic and cultural capital of the UK, London is a uniquely concentrated yet dynamic haven of prosperity across sectors. London is also home to some of the most globally prestigious universities in the world, such as Imperial College London and UCL. As institutions begin to invest more attention towards the future of financial and technological domains, the city benefits from world-class education and research, which seeps into the startups and companies.

This model environment for innovation is enhanced further by the government’s substantial backing of FinTech development within the UK economy. Through tax incentives and a range of programmes startups are encouraged to prosper. These governmental strategies ensure that the innovators of the field are supported to expand their FinTech projects.

This progressive mentality towards FinTech’s growth within the UK doesn’t stop there. The government also actively promotes international female-led FinTech businesses in an effort to level the playing field. By establishing a supportive network for women in the field, the FinTech landscape is further diversified and strengthened. London’s lead in the expansion of FinTech also benefits those who have historically been excluded from financial and technological industries.

What really elevates London above other leading FinTech cities, such as San Francisco or Beijing, is its distinctly pioneering approach to regulating the industry’s development. London paves the way for establishing unprecedented and ambitious regulatory innovation to sustain the fast-changing growth of FinTech. Within the UK, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) works independently from the government, and encourages the cutting-edge advancement of FinTech by establishing regulations that assist their visionary approaches. Startups within the UK can test their services in the real market, allowing them to hone and improve their products with relative freedom.

Undoubtedly inspired by its ever-growing multiculturalism, London embodies a truly comprehensive and collective endeavour for the greater future of FinTech. Although these developments are born in London, they serve the global FinTech community in the international pursuit for a revolutionised financial landscape. As our world becomes more and more interconnected, this approach is crucial, and why London excels in converging FinTech markets across the globe.


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