Here Are 4 Eccentric Restaurants To Take Your Credit Cards To In London

Eccentric Restaurants To Take Your Credit Cards

We’re sure your local restaurant is great but Circus is fire (quite literally 🔥). That cheeky glass of wine from the pub is decent but what’s that when there’s champagne at the push of a button at Bob Bob Ricard?

Why order from the menu when you could be surprised by it at Dans Le Noir? Dining isn’t just about the food anymore, get ahead of the game and experience dining like never before.

To get you started, giving you the push you need, we’ve created a guide to our favourite 4 eccentric restaurants in London. Grab your credit cards and prepare to be surprised.


  • Which other restaurant has a pop-up circus appear during your meal? Can’t say you’ve truly dined in style if you’ve never dined at Circus. Bursting with flavour, their Pan-Asian menu alone is to die for, along with a cocktail bar and entertainment? From fire breathers, hula hoopers, aerialists and much more, the show is truly spectacular. Between the high quality food and bursts of entertainment, you’re really in for a treat if you’re lucky enough to eat here. Don’t forget your credit cards, you’ll want to get the most out of this dining experience.  

Bob Bob Ricard

  • Champagne at the push of a button? We’re there! With a, ‘Press for Champagne’ button at every table, how can you go wrong? We’d be swimming in it😄. Not to mention their intricately designed grand dining rooms. Inspired by Orient Express and the Golden Age of travel, ‘The Blue Dining Room’ is absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention their jaw-dropping ‘Red Dining Room’ and ‘Private Dining Room’, you’ll feel like an extended member of the royal family here👑. Honestly, Bob Bob Ricard really is something out of a movie, definitely something we’d be up for, what about you?

Restaurant Story

  • Menu? Forget about it. At Restaurant Story, you’re in for an unconventional dining experience that you can’t get at your local place. Your meal will be a surprise, (a pleasant one at that), to you and your taste palette. All you’ve gotta’ do is tell the waitress or waiter your meal preferences, and your meal will be built around them. This experience is curated just for you, it’d be rude not to grab your credit cards and give it a go. Why not explore the wonderful world of food in the trusted hands of Restaurant Story? 

Dans Le Noir?

  • Dans Le Noir takes the dining experience to a whole new level. No idea what you wanna eat? No problem, as you’ll have no idea what’s on the menu. Although that’ll be the least of your worries as you won’t be able to see either. You’ll be dining in complete darkness, and you’ll have a visually impaired waiter to guide you through the experience. Talk about standing out! Dans Le Noir is trying to teach diners how to rediscover their senses and eat with more than just their eyes. They also only have sharing tables, meaning you’ll be seated with other guests. You’ll be prompted to engage with new people while you learn about blindness and disability. More than a restaurant, Dans Le Noir is a social experience. On the hunt for amazing food and great conversation? Dans Le Noir does it best, this is definitely an experience you’ll never forget, so what’s stopping you?

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