How To Lock Your Credit Cards and Bank Cards At Once

how to lock all your bank cards and credit cards at once with Curve

Is it just us, or does losing something make you realise how valuable it was in the first place? We’re not talking about people and relationships (don’t worry, we won’t get all soppy on you), we’re talking about valuable items. Ever misplaced your bank card or credit card? We don’t need to tell you about the heart palpitations and racing thoughts. We’ve all been there at least once, unfortunately. And thanks to us, you won’t ever need to go back. With Curve, you can lock multiple bank and credit cards at once. Eager to learn more? Let’s dive straight into it then😌. 

Lock Your Cards With One Tap

When you download the Curve app and add your bank cards and credit cards, you’ll be sent a sleek Curve card. You’ll then be able to spend from the cards you’ve added using your brand new Curve card. Cool right? You can lighten up your wallet by replacing your old, worn out bank cards with your very own super card. One card to rule them all😎.

What if I lose it? Isn’t that a major security risk?  Of course not, we’d never put you in that position. You can lock your Curve card in the app in a simple tap. Which means, as you’re usually only ever carrying around your one Curve card, you’re essentially locking the cards you’ve added to the Curve app at once. Lose it? Lock it. It’s really that simple. However, your underlying cards are not locked by locking your Curve card and though not through Curve, they can still be used to make transactions. So in the meantime, you can take your underlying cards out of hiding whilst you figure out where your Curve card is, or whilst you wait for it to be reissued to you. Do note though, if you lose your wallet containing your underlying cards, you’ll need to contact your bank or credit card issuer so that they can advise you further.

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Secure or secure?! Mistakes happen, and if you ever misplace your Curve card, you can remain pretty chill about it knowing you can just lock it in the Curve app. Simple right? Alongside 1% instant Curve Cash cashback (as a 90-day introductory offer for Curve Blue customers, but for an unlimited period if you upgrade to Curve Black or Curve Metal), real-time spend notifications, Curve Customer Protection on your purchases up to £100,000, and much, much more. Financial freedom awaits!

Curve Cash is at selected retailers, depending on card tier. Curve Customer Protection is limited to £100,000, must be claimed within 120 days after the date of purchase and exemptions may apply.