How To Save Money With Curve – All You Need To Know

Save Money With Curve

Managing money in more than one account can often be tricky, which makes budgeting even harder.  At Curve, we’re truly solving this problem. Now, for the first time, you can manage all your spending across all your banking activities.

On the Curve app, you can  combine multiple cards in one place, making it much easier to keep track of spending.

Your very own time machine

Step aside Doc and Marty McFly, Curve has well and truly invented time travel and we didn’t need a DeLorean to do it! 

Ever used the wrong card to pay for lunch, clothes, or even a holiday? Ever said something to the person of your dreams and instantly regretted it? Well, you’ll need to give us a bit more time on the latter but our flux capacitor will be able to make sure you never pay for something with the wrong account again. 

With Curve’s Curve’s Go Back in Time , for purchases up to £1,000, you get 14 days to choose to switch the card you used and let Curve take care of the rest!

Killer FX rates when you travel

You read that right. Long gone are the days of worrying about using your current account abroad. One of our most exciting features here at Curve is that you will be able to enjoy killer foreign exchange rates. You won’t have to worry about those pesky hidden transaction fees and still have the benefits of using any of your regular high street bank accounts.

If you are an expat, you can now have the luxury of using your local national bank account in the UK by adding it to your Curve wallet and benefiting from all Curve’s fantastic features!

Curve Cash

Freebies? We’ve got it covered. There’s nothing better than saving money, whilst also spending it. This is why we have our reward scheme set up so you can earn money as you spend.

If you order food with Deliveroo or shop at Tesco, Starbucks, Amazon or 100+ other retailers from our  list, then you can choose your favourite brands to get 1% instant Curve Cash cashback.

So yes, that’s right, with awesome features like Go Back in Time, killer FX rates and Curve Cash, Curve  helps you save in so many ways. We bring you instant everything in one awesome app. You can keep track of your spend with real-time alerts. And everything you buy gets a colour category on your timeline. So if you’re trying to save, Curve helps you understand so much more. Let’s be honest, if you’re saving, with Curve, what isn’t there to love? 

FX and ATM withdrawal limits are subject to our fair use policy and the Curve card tier. Weekend rates apply for any foreign currency or ATM transactions between Fridays 23:59 and Sunday 23:59 GMT. Curve Cash is at selected retailers, depending on card tier.  Go-Back In Time is limited to 14 days from the date of payment.