6 Insanely Useful Hacks To Help You Save This January

Let’s face it. January is a tough month. It’s especially tough for your wallet. Fear not! Curve is here to transform torture to triumph and lend a helping hand to you and your wallet. Here’s our go-to guide on things you can do to save your hard-earned cash.

1- Instant Everything

Keeping track of your spending is crucial but can be tricky. But with Curve Insights it’s an absolute breeze. You get real-time spend alerts. And you can see what you spend, when, and where – at a glance. Everything gets a colour category on your timeline, so you can spot your spending trends. Your totals are laid out month by month. Dinner or drinks? Purple. That Uber trip? Green. Everything is colourful and clear, making it easy for you to spot exactly where you can save those pennies. 

2- Give Something Up For The Month

It’s never too late to start, but if ‘Dry January’ sounds like unnecessary self-inflicted torture then perhaps consider giving up an equally expensive habit, say smoking or Deliveroo. Try cutting out one of the luxuries you regularly treat yourself to – whether it’s cigs or burgers – and you’re sure to see some satisfying savings start to add up.

3 – Promo Codes Galore!

One of the easiest ways to save is to make the most out of any discounts or promotions on offer, and there are loads out there…

  • Apps like Honey scan the internet for you and automatically apply a discount code if there’s one available. 
  • If you’re an O2 customer then O2 Priority has an array of ridiculous savings including £5 mains at Pizza Express, one free hot drink a day at Cafe Nero and a whole month of free yoga classes. 
  • Nez is a free app that gives you discounted prices on food and drink across London and alerts you of the best deals according to your location.

4 – Go Hunting

Whatever you do decide to spend on this January, make sure to do your research. The combination of January sales and unwanted Christmas presents means there’s a shed load of bargains out there, it’s just a case of hunting them down. 

  • Kelkoo is a price comparison website that lets you type in whatever it is your after and then combs the internet for the best price available. It’s always worth checking – if there’s a bargain out there, they’ll find it.
  • MoneySavingExpert.com does what it says on the tin. As well as having blogs, articles and tips-and-tricks on all things money-saving, it has a dedicated deals and vouchers page that will keep you updated on all the latests and greatest deals out there. And for the keenest hunters among you they’ve even got a Deals Hunters Blog that reports on all the best deals out there and claims to be a ‘modern-day Robin Hood’ for the consumer.
  • WorthAGlance has declared itself ‘the home of the discount’ and has masses of deals on brands including Aviator, Victoria Secret and House of Marley. While their choice of items is slightly limited, the deals at WorthAGlance are very much worth at least a little peek…
  • LatestDeals – no prizes for guessing what these guys are offering. They’ve got deals on everything from socks to sofas and so is very worth checking out before buying.

5 – Self Control

Be honest with yourself. Is that gym membership really worth it? Or are you going to end up doing as much exercise as you’d do if you just ran up and down the stairs a few times? This level of self-questioning should extend into all aspects of your life. 

Resist the temptation of a takeaway and think tupperware instead. Make your own lunch at home and bring a coffee with you in the mornings. Stay in and channel your inner-student by visiting websites like Mob Kitchen and BBC Good Food that show you how to eat well for less.

Self control is all about visualising what you’re saving for. If you give yourself the goal of saving for that dream tropical getaway then cutting back on your more everyday luxuries won’t be so hard.

6 – Even More Super Savings With Curve

Here at Curve, we’re also doing that bit extra to help you save. Take a look at some of our kickass features that will help you fix that leaky wallet. 

  • Curve Cash: Get 1% instant cashback when you spend at your chosen retailers from a list of 100+ awesome brands – so you save up while you spend, and treat yourself to that extra special something – on us!
  • Killer FX Rates: Enjoy ridiculously good foreign exchange rates when you go abroad so you can forget about those sneaky transaction fees, and enjoy those margaritas 🍹🍹 
  • Time Travel: Never pay from the wrong account again and save yourself from… yourself. Go Back in Time and switch the card you used for any payment up to £1,000 and make those savings! 

With Curve by your side, this January can be a time of smart money management, self-control and savings. Hopefully leaving you more satisfied than sorry at the state of your wallet.