Here Are 6 Ways You Can Beat Blue Monday

Today is the third Monday of January, aka Blue Monday, which is widely considered to be the most miserable day of the year. If you live in the UK, it’s cold, dark and feels like an age since anyone was paid. But don’t worry – if you’re feeling the effects of this gloomy occasion, you’re not alone! All over the country people have launched initiatives to help raise the nation’s mood and bring about some much needed cheer. Here’s Curve’s guide on how to beat the blues this miserable Monday.  

1- Putting A Smile On Your Face

People across the UK are doing their best to put a smile on the nation’s face and help those who might be particularly down-hearted today. From East Yorkshire, 50 ambassadors of the Chatty Bus Initiative will be travelling on bus routes all over the country handing out ‘happy to chat’ badges to raise awareness of issues that arise from loneliness. The Samaritans are encouraging people ‘to connect over a warming cuppa’ with their initiative ‘Brew Monday’. And at Sea Life London Aquarium, people are being invited to ditch their desks for an underwater work setting with designated work areas by their ocean tank. 

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2- Release Your Inner-Child

If you are feeling down in the dumps, what better way to alleviate all the pressures and stresses of adult life than to forget about them entirely. Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch offers you the chance to reconnect with your inner-child with its blend of quirky cocktails and childhood nostalgia. Get lost in its 1 million-ball ball pit and forget the reasons you were ever sad in the first place.

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3- A Cheap Laugh

The Top Secret Comedy Club in Covent Garden hosts its ‘new material’ nights on Mondays and tickets are a ridiculously good £1. With the chance of seeing some of the biggest names in comedy try out previously unheard jokes you’ll learn that laughter really is the best medicine for a case of the blues.

4- Treat Yourself – You Probably Deserve It

One of the reasons Blue Monday is said to be so saddening is that it’s about this point in January that those New Year’s resolutions are starting to look optimistic at best. Giving yourself some time to meditate on all the things you’re happy for is an easily achievable way of booting those blues. Apps like Headspace give you free guided meditations and only take 10 minutes out of your day for some much needed mindfulness. 

5- Canine Cuddles

If you don’t have your own little fluffy bundle of joy at home – not to worry. All over the country you can sip your cuppa and enjoy a side of cake and cuddles at any number of amazing animal cafes. These cafes spread the puppy love, letting you enjoy the company of their resident furry friends and are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone feeling a bit low this January.   

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