How Does A Curve Card Work?

How Curve works

You’ve seen the rise of challenger banks. You’re impressed. You wonder whether you should ditch your old bank. You frantically type into Google: ‘Which challenger bank is best?’ Monzo, Starling, Revolut—all the usual suspects appear. But then you hear about Curve. Maybe you’re a little bit confused at what exactly Curve is. It’s understandable. A challenge of building a completely new category is to help customers understand how immensely their world is going to improve.  It’s a similar challenge Henry Ford had building the first car. People didn’t know what cars were—all they knew was a carriage and a horse. Hard to imagine now, isn’t it?

Curve isn’t a bank like the rest. Got multiple bank cards? Combine them. One smart card. One smart app. Supercharge your cards with tons of benefits. 

If you’ve ever wondered ‘how do you use a Curve card?’ then read on. Here we answer all your burning questions.

What Cards Can I Add To Curve?

Curve’s mission is to simplify your finances. To do this successfully we connect multiple cards to Curve. You can add Mastercard or Visa credit cards or debit cards to your Curve, as well as a selected list of prepaid cards. If you want more information on American Express’ decision to block Curve, head here.

Is Curve A Debit Card?

Curve is a Mastercard debit card. You can use Curve like you would any other debit card, anywhere that Mastercard cards are accepted, worldwide. It doesn’t hold on to funds like a traditional bank card, and there’s no need to top-up your card every time you need to make a purchase. Add cards to Curve and choose which one you’d like to spend with. 

Is Curve A Prepaid Card?

With a traditional prepaid card, you are likely to load it with a chunk of e-money and then spend it in several transactions. Curve is similar, but our clever technology means when you use the Curve card, it automatically loads and spends the right amount of e-money – without you ever having to think about it.

Oh, and this could include adding some prepaid cards. 

Does Curve Do A Credit Check?

Curve doesn’t do a hard credit check but instead runs a ‘Know Your Customer’ check which will be seen on your credit history. It will not affect your credit score. The reason we do this identity check is because it helps to prevent anything dodgy like money laundering and fraud, etc, and to comply with regulations.

Curve also collaborates with other companies when developing all the new and exciting products we work on. We might share your information with companies like credit referencing agencies, but these are soft credit checks and will not impact your credit score.

How Does Cashback Work?

You will receive 1% instant daily cashback every time you spend at your chosen retailers using your Curve card. You can select from a list of over 100 retailers including Amazon, Netflix and Uber. If you have Curve Blue, you can select 3 retailers as an introductory 90 day offer. With Curve Black, you get this for unlimited time. With  Curve Metal, you can select 6 retailers for an unlimited time.

The cashback you receive will be loaded onto your Curve Cash card which you can access in the Curve app instantly. Just set up what retailers you’d like to receive the cashback from, and you’re ready to go. Now you can earn while you spend. 

What Is The Curve App?

Curve is one card and one app. It all starts with the app. That’s how you first choose what Curve card you want and order it. After you have your card and set it up, the app will open up a world of possibilities to you. You can load your MasterCard and Visa cards to Curve and begin your new adventure. 

The app allows you to get real time spending alerts, to lock your card, to access your Curve Cash card, and, yes readers, you can even Time Travel ⚡️

How Does ‘Go Back In Time’ Work?

Accidentally made a payment with the wrong card? It happens to all of us. Just head to the Curve app, choose the payment you want to change and Go Back in Time

You can Go Back in Time up to 14 days after you’ve made any purchase under £1,000. It’s free, and done entirely in-app.

Is Curve Safe?

Consider this. You lose your wallet with multiple cards in it or you lose your wallet with one card in it—one card that can be locked with a single tap. Which seems safer to you? Curve is your personal firewall. It can protect the cards you add to it. 

With Curve, your card numbers won’t be stored in the Curve app or your device and all your information is encrypted with industry leading encryption standards, stored in segregated databases.

There’s also Curve Customer Protection which covers your purchases up to £100,000. Plus, unlike Section 75, Curve protect both your debit AND credit cards.

Real-time spend alerts means you can spot any fraudulent activity as soon as it happens. So with all this information what do you think? Is Curve Safe?

Is Curve Metal Worth It?

Let’s start by explaining the different levels of product Curve offers. You can choose between 3 tiers. Curve Blue is our free card that gives you our signature features. Combine multiple cards, earn instant Curve Cash cashback at 3 retailers of your choice from 100+ for 90 days, get amazing FX rates, Go Back In Time and get Curve Customer Protection. Curve Black is the next step up, with a monthly subscription cost of £9.99. Curve Black has all the benefits of Curve Blue but with more generous spend and ATM withdrawal limits abroad plus Worldwide Travel Insurance and Electronic Gadget Insurance – making it the perfect travel companion.

Curve Metal is our flagship card – a work of art from the physical product to its luxury benefits and rewards. It’s available in 3 stunning colours—Blue Steel, Rose Gold and Limited Edition Red. It offers all the benefits of Curve Blue and Black, taken to the most generous, premium level. Ridiculous FX rates, Travel and Gadget Insurance, Rental Car Collision Waiver Insurance and Worldwide Airport LoungeKey access. Curve Metal gives you elite benefits and exclusive experiences.

So is Curve Metal worth it? Well of course it is! All Curve cards allow you to streamline your wallet by combining your cards, but only Curve Metal gives unparalleled benefits and the most elevated level of financial freedom.