Unknown Pleasures: 3 Incredible Hidden European City Break Gems For You To Experience


Tired of the same old travel destinations? Barcelona? Yeah did that. Paris? Been there. Venice? Meh. Are you seeking to experience somewhere alternative and thrilling, away from the well-trodden tourist trail? Look no further!  Curve is here to help you discover the places most guidebooks won’t tell you about.

Travelling can be many things… Thrilling, Rejuvenating. Awe inspiring. But occasionally, it can also be a pain. We’ve all experienced the last minute dash of running halfway across an airport trying to catch your flight or the horrors of trying to contort your body to sleep on a plane that wasn’t designed for the average human being. But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Having a Curve card with you when you travel can help keep you grounded and reduce the stress, giving you more time to have an awesome experience.

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Let’s set the scene. You’re on holiday. You’ve turned off all notifications from work so there’s no one to bother you with weird requests that seem like the higher ups have lost their goddamn minds. You’re relaxing on the sun lounger and instead of worrying about the extortionate price of your next meal, your Curve card by your side has already done the maths and given you ridiculously cheap exchange rates, so you can spend like a local.

So now you’ve got your Curve card sorted, without further ado, let us guide you through 3 lesser known city break gems for you to discover and enjoy awesome adventures 😎

Serb Your Enthusiasm – Novi Sad.

Image of Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad Serbia.

Serbia? Now that’s a holiday destination most holidaymakers haven’t considered. Novi Sad is fast becoming THE place to go to. It’s the second largest city in Serbia and a great place to simply unwind and enjoy life.

EXIT Festival 

Started as a protest back in 2000, the award-winning EXIT festival is a great place to listen to some of the hottest live music. Past acts include Snoop Dog, The Cure and David Guetta, which shows just how diverse the festival line-up is.

Štrand Beach 

Get your summer sizzle on and enjoy the beach life. Great food and bars in abundance. And also mini golf! — or regular golf, depending on how vertically challenged you are.

Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

Tired of old dusty paintings and sculptures from some guy who probably died before your great grandparents were conceived? Well, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina to have your mind blown.

Petrovaradin Fortress 

Europe’s second biggest fortress, but I know what you’re thinking. Fortresses’ are safe and secure—just like your Curve Card! If anything bad happens, you can lock your card instantly with the app, so don’t fret.

Life in the Slovenia Lane – Ljubljana.

Image of a Old Town in Ljubljana

For a capital city and last year’s green capital of Europe, Ljubljana (pictured at the top of this article) is still not that well-known. A foodie heaven and bonafide fairytale city, Lbuljana demands you uncover its secrets.

Dragon Bridge

The Dragon is the symbol of Slovenia so if you come to this city and don’t have your photo taken with one, then what’s the point? This should be the first thing you do in Ljubljana.

House of Illusions Museum

Although this sounds like an annoying level in an early 90’s video-game, this interactive gallery will leave you the good kind of mentally scarred. If you accidentally hit a time-lock and realise you’re back in the 1950’s, just be glad you’ve got your Curve card with you so you can switch cards after you’ve made a purchase and undo any crazy time travel shenanigans.


Abandoned barracks now badass alternative mecca, Metelkova is the cultural centre of Ljubljana. A great place to check out graffiti, modern art, stay in a hostel or generally to exist as the new-age retro hippy you’ve always wanted to be.

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Central Market

Need some fresh ingredients for your hangover cure? This market has all the fresh produce you’ll ever need and if you come on a Friday, the food festival Open Kitchen will feed you until you explode. 

Croatian Fixation – Istria.

The popularity of Croatia continues to rise, but there’s still so much to discover. The largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, Istria is known for its insane coastlines and close vicinity to Italy — oh and truffles! We can’t forget the truffles.

Motovun Film Festival

Considered the backpackers’ film festival, Motovun Film Festival is named after the hilltop village it’s located in. A great place to detox from all those mediocre junk food superhero movies you’ve indulged in and enjoy some fine independent cinema.

Casanova Fest

Theatre. Food. Literary evenings. And… a kissing competition! The festival of love and eroticism. We’ll say no more. 

Chiavalon Tour

Visit Chiavalon in Vodnjan for a mouth-watering taste session of the best olive oil in the world which won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, unless the early signs of gingivitis start to crop up.

Kozlovic Winery

Stop whining and enjoy the goods of the biggest wine producers in Croatia. If you happen to get tipsy enough, lose your surroundings and have your phone, Fitbit or Nintendo Switch stolen from under your wino nose, with a Curve Metal card, Curve’s got your back with Gadget Insurance.

Brijuni Islands

Off the coast of Istria, the peninsula of Brijuni islands houses a goddamn slice of heaven complete with Roman ruins and a safari park. Not sure if you can be rewarded with HM03 for finding a secret house though, but it’s worth a shot.

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The benefits are immense, so join the revolution and download the Curve App to get started. You can relax, enjoy your  adventures and experience the best these underground European hidden gems have to offer.