Here’s Why Curve Is A Great Place for Mothers to Work

mother's day

As the first signs of spring start to show and the Cadbury’s Easter Bunny dusts off their costume, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. 

Despite daffodils becoming more valuable than Madagascan vanilla, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the role of mothers in society and the special people in our lives. The life of a parent is never static and sometimes the rigidity of a hectic working week doesn’t work for a modern lifestyle. 

Being a startup affords us many luxuries; no drawn out HR processes, no punch cards and the ability to set our own rules. We’re proud to have built an incredible working culture and environment that works for teams and their families. Here’s what that means: 

An inclusive supportive culture

Curve’s culture is one of empowerment, respect and support. We understand that everyone’s personal circumstances are different and a ‘one size fits all’ policy doesn’t work for today’s modern workforce. Our leadership team is fully committed to ensuring that the health, wellbeing and personal development of every person is valued and encouraged. 

Work-life flexibility

Being a parent or guardian doesn’t run on a 9-5 schedule; whether it be the school run, after-school club or half-term breaks. We trust our team to manage their schedules in a way that suits both their family commitments and the needs of their team. This includes working from home when you need to. 

Bring your child to work day

Gone are the days of plastic kitchen & faux-tool belts – even Lego now offers coding for kids! The sheer number of jobs, industries and ways of working have changed immensely with technology and explaining ‘what we do’ requires a full slide show presentation.

Bringing your child to work is a great way for your little one to see where you spend your time, how you can manipulate the coffee machine into giving you a double shot and what the world of work looks like in 2020. 

A great maternity package 

No amount of self-help books or wellness blogs can prepare you for being a parent. While we can’t help with the night feeds, the nappy changes or finding a baby yoga class, we can offer an outstanding maternity package. We go above and beyond the given standards to support both you, your partner and the newest member of your family. 

Purposeful company management style 

Earning trust, delivering results and giving our employees ownership is what we pride ourselves on. At Curve, we like to think big & innovate. Which means that we always search for the most efficient solution to achieve our goals. We’re all smart, intuitive and creative adults and we trust our employees to manage their time in a way that benefits both them and their teams.

We’re hiring! 

Want to join us? We have lots of roles available across all of our teams – check out our open roles on our careers page

As well as having a top job at a rapidly scaling company, you’ll get gym access, free yoga on site, Japanese lessons (optional!), learning & development budget, unlimited books budget, £75 a month wellness budget, and a free Curve Metal card for you and your +1. Our office is dog friendly, with free pizza “lunch and learns”, regular social events and Friday drinks! 

Please do reach out to our talent team at if you have any questions.