Helping You Choose The Best Credit Cards For Young Families


The greatest part of having a family are the experiences you cherish with them. That could be anything from trips to the zoo, to theme parks to family holidays. With all the costs involved, a credit card can be a helpful way to make your money go further when all your plans don’t fit into the monthly budget.

We love a bank card but we know credit can provide that extra stretch. With all you have to focus on, we’ve selected some popular credit cards for families, so spending with credit could help give you the rewards you’re worthy of:

  • M&S Shopping Plus Card – 0% on shopping for 20 months is great when you have little ones to feed including yourself and 0% on balance transfers for 20 months within 90 days of  opening your card.
    • Representative rate: 19.9% APR (based on £1,200 on limit)
    • Purchase rate: 19.9% APR
    • Every time you go in to purchase food or clothes you love, you earn M&S points. It’s the win-win you desire. For every £1 spent in M&S stores, you’ll get one point. Money spent anywhere else gives you one point for £5 spent.
    • Current offers: Get a head start with a 500 M&S points voucher, worth £5, to use when you spend on food, clothing or home at M&S with your new credit card. Since you spend so much on the family, why not treat yourself?


  • M&S Reward Plus credit card –  Double reward points  can be all yours with every pound you spend with M&S. Every £5 you  spend outside of M&S gives you one point.
    • Representative rate: 19.9% APR (based on £1200 on limit)
    • Purchase rate: 19.9% APR
    • Unexpected bonus: 2000 points worth £20 if you use your card within the first 90 days. On top of that, you’ll get 55 days interest free credit.


  • Tesco Bank Foundation credit card – You could restore your finances to an excellent state if you choose Tesco.
    • Representative rate: 27.5% APR (based on £1200 on limit)
    • Purchase rate: 27.5% APR (based on £1200 on limit)
    • Free access to Noddle Premium for three years to view your credit reports, boost your credit score and check your history.
    • Added bonus:  Every £4 spent  in Tesco results in one Clubcard point. Every £8 spent outside of Tesco result in one Clubcard point too. We know what you’re thinking, every little helps. 

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