Here Are Some Incredible Hacks For Saving Money On Your Online Shop

online shopping hacks

Online shopping. One of the best gifts technology has given us yet. It’s quick and easy, and requires minimal effort on our part. One click and it can be on my doorstep the next day? Absolute win in our books. Could it get any better? You’d assume no as what more could we possibly want? To spend less money of course!  Why accept the price given to you online when you could get it lowered? We’ve listed 4 ways that you can get discounts on your online shop. So you spend less and save more. That’s what it’s all about!


Discount Sites

Why spend more when others are spending less for the exact same item?! It all falls down to how smart you are with your money. Before you jet off to buy an item online, be sure to check out discount sites like or Discounts are always great right? There’s no harm in trying and only joy in succeeding.

Leave Items In Your Basket

Impulsive buyers might struggle with this one  (it’s worth a try, we promise). But by keeping items in your online shopping basket, there’s a chance that you’ll receive emails about discounts on those particular items. You won’t have to wait years either. All you’ll need to do is make sure you have an account with the online store you’re trying to shop with. Then you can sit back, and wait for the magic to happen✨.

Sign Up To Loyalty Clubs

When you sign up to loyalty clubs or opt into emails from retailers you love to shop at, you could be in for much more than just updates and announcements (even though we’re sure you love them). You could be notified about secret sales and discounts on particular items. This’ll be exclusive to those that have signed up. This way, you can stay on trend at a discounted price (and you’ll be part of an exclusive club). What’s not to love? 

Seasonal Spending Hack

There’s nothing more infuriating than going online to browse the web and then having that puffer jacket you wanted to order a few weeks ago pop up on the side of your screen. Not only is it half of the original price (which was a fortune to say the least). It’s now dancing on the side of your screen, demanding your attention (and inevitably succeeding – causing your blood to boil). It’s now spring, what use can it be to you now? We’ve all been there. But you can use these seasonal sales to your advantage. It is very likely that there are items from the winter collection that could be useful to you in the spring. The same goes for the rest of the seasons. If you take the time to search for gems in the past season sale, you could save a ton and still be stylish. You’re welcome😉.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel like a secret spy sifting through all these hacks. It’ll keep your bank account healthy and your wardrobe full. Want to keep a closer eye on your finances? We’re here to help. With Curve, you’ll receive instant notifications every time you spend, not to mention that with Curve Cash, you can also earn 1% cashback from a choice of 100 retailers and receive protection on purchases up to £100,000*. If you choose Curve Black or Curve Metal, you receive Curve Cash for unlimited time* – it pays to spend! On top of that, there’s much more for you to experience. Financial freedom at your fingertips!