6 Reasons Why Curve is a Great Place for Mothers to Work

With Mother’s Day 2019 just around the corner, we’re celebrating the record-high proportion of Mothers in employment since records began.

Here at Curve, by fostering an amazing culture and environment for all mothers, we’re striving to push this figure even higher, particularly in the tech sector. If you’re a working mum looking for your next exciting opportunity in a fast-moving company with a lofty vision, we’d love for you to join us at Team Curve!

We caught up with Amabel, Head of Brand and Comms at Curve, who shares a mother’s perspective on why Curve is a great place for work.

An inclusive supportive culture

I love working at Curve because the entire culture empowers and respects among others, women and mothers. This hasn’t been the case in some of the other companies I have worked in and this makes such a difference to my wellbeing. It is hard enough juggling child raising and work so to be in such a supportive environment is great.

Work from home flexibility

Flexibility to work from home is something I really value. My day doesn’t stop when I finish work as I am parenting when I get home, following a 1.5 hour commute. Working from home let’s me take a pause from the commuting and restores my energy so I can give my children my full attention at night.

Work-life flexibility

If I need time off for family specific things, Curve is really flexible. I have always struggled with the guilt of being a full-time working mother and being able to attend things like a parents’ meeting or a class assembly means the world to me.

Bring your child to work day

We have an annual Bring Your Child To Work Day which is great as it It also allows my children to see me outside the role of a parent and have a bit more insight into what I do and where I work. It is also great fun for the children.

A great maternity package

I haven’t experienced the package myself but I know that compared to the companies I worked at when I had my children, it is very generous. Curve wants to support mums when they are going through life changing experiences and give them the tools to feel confident on returning to work. Going back to work post maternity leave is hard as all your hormones are telling you to stay at home with your child! The generous monthly well-being allowance we get can be used to support Curve mums when they return to work.

Purposeful company management style

Throughout my time at Curve, it has become clear that the company management style is all about giving us autonomy and purpose. This is wonderfully refreshing as it allows me to be my own boss and manage my own time, which is essential as a mother.

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