Student Credit Cards: Helping You Pick The Best For You

Credit cards for students

Looking for a student credit card? Make sure you’re all clued up first. Being a student is hard enough, make sure you understand the commitment that comes along with credit cards. Ready to take the next step? Find the best student credit card for you.

3 popular student credit cards:

  • Barclay Forward credit card: If you’re looking for a credit card that can adapt to your financial situation, this may be a good option. With the Barclay Forward credit card, you can set a personalised credit limit from £50 to £1200. This is great as you can set your own limit and pick one that is within your financial means. This card also allows you to set your own payment date, so you can really take charge of your finances. Another great feature is that during the first 3 months of opening your account, you receive 0% interest on purchases. Upgrade your wardrobe or treat yourself after handing in that puzzling paper and you’ll have 3 months to pay it back whilst accruing no additional charges, amazing! After that, the interest will increase to 34.9%. You can also manage your account with alerts and be on your way to building a great credit score.
  • First Trust Bank Student Mastercard: This card is great for those looking for an extra security blanket. Unexpected costs? First Trust Bank Student Mastercard has you covered. This card has no annual fees, and an interest free period on purchases for up to 56 days. After this period, they only charge 12.9% interest. This is incredibly low in comparison to other student cards, so you could really be saving your coins with this card.
  • Natwest Student credit card: This card has loads of advantages for students. The Natwest Student credit card comes with a low card limit of £250. There is also no annual or monthly fee. This card also has an interest free period on purchases, you can purchase now and pay the bank back later with no additional charge for up to 56 days. Then the interest will increase to 18.95%. This card gives students a warm welcome to the life of credit cards and money management.

Key Words

  • Interest – Interest is the fee charged for borrowing money by use of the credit card.
  • Credit – Credit refers to the customer’s ability to receive goods or purchases without making a payment first, based on the agreement that the payments will be made in the future.
  • APR – APR stands for annual percentage rate. It is the yearly cost of borrowing money using credit cards or loans. It is calculated by taking into account interest and other charges which accrued over the year, including the annual fee if applicable.
  • Credit limit – A credit limit is the maximum amount of credit that a financial institution or lender is providing to a debtor. (The individual borrowing the money.)
  • Balance Transfer – A balance transfer means moving an existing debt from one credit card provider to another.

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