5 Ways Time Travel is Better with Curve’s Go Back in Time Than It Ever Was in the Back to the Future Films

Marty McFly has nothing on us.

Sure, he has a few skateboarding skills and can string together a couple of electric guitar chords and pretend to be Jimi Hendrix to try and impress his mum and her mates.

But when it comes to time travel, Curve’s Go Back in Time lets you switch the funding card used for a purchase up to £1,000 and within 14 days – kicking the 80’s teen and his white-haired professor pal’s arse.

Here’s how…

1 – Go Back in Time enables you to make better decisions

With Go Back in Time, using Curve’s beautifully slick card and app, you have the freedom to time travel to the past and change the decision you made. And it won’t involve having your name confused with an underwear brand or being called “chicken”.

What it will involve is never having to pay for something with the wrong credit card or debit card again.

That’s because we are financial freedom fighters and we believe managing your money should be as simple as possible, because why shouldn’t it be?

You can download the Curve app with Go Back in Time here.

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With Go Back in Time, you have the opportunity to move a transaction you made from one card to another, meaning if you were trying to be smart with your cards and slip up (we’ve all been there!) we’ve got you covered.

  • Want to use a better card to pay? Just Go Back in Time
  • Expenses you can’t explain? Easy fix. Go Back in Time
  • Want to claim loyalty rewards and bonus points benefits? Well, you could always Go Back in Time
  • Used a personal card to pay a business purchase? You know what to do!

2 – It’s really easy to use!

To use Go Back in Time, you won’t need a lightning bolt or even a DeLorean DMC-12.

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You just need your phone and the Curve app.

All you need to do is simply swipe to select which credit card or debit card you’d like to move your purchase to and it’s done. Quicker than you can say, “Great Scott!”

And you don’t need to test it out on your pet dog.

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3 – You can Go Back in Time for 14 days!

Ok. So we admit it. We can’t take you back in time 30 years.

But who wants to go back to a time when smartphones hadn’t been invented, Netflix was something done by curtain-twitching nosy neighbours, and Beyonce hadn’t even met the other members of Destiny’s Child, let alone considered world pop superstardom?

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What Curve can offer you is the freedom to Go Back in Time for purchases worth up to £1,000 for up to 14 days. So you’ll have ample time to reconsider which card you bought something with!

4 – It’s free to use

Yes, you read that right! Curve will charge you nothing to use this exclusive feature. And you won’t have to worry about doing dodgy deals to source plutonium for it to work either.

And it’s not just our premium Curve Metal cardholders who get to use it. Go Back in Time is a killer feature we wanted all Curve customers to be able to use.

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5 – It’s safe and secure

You don’t need to worry if your time machine is stolen (yes, we’re looking at you, Biff Tannen.)

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With Curve, you receive real-time notifications after all account activity so you always know what’s happening with your money.

If you lose your card, you can instantly lock it in the Curve app and keep your wallet safe. If for any reason you can’t access the app when you lose your Curve card, you can contact us and we’ll fix things.

Finally… you can let people know you’re using Go Back in Time and it won’t be detrimental to future history and jeopardise your entire existence! So why not share your experiences on TwitterInstagram and Facebook using #CurveApp

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You can download the Curve app with Go Back in Time here.

Want to find out more about Go Back in Time? See our website and FAQs.